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So, Has CBS Fired David Letterman Yet?

Remember — just days ago — when the wingers proclaimed that they were going to get David Letterman fired over the Palin thing?

Still waiting…

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Fox News Revs Up July 4 Tea Party Push

The tea parties held on April 15 were fairly spontaneous, but the organizers promised a whopper of a showing on July 4.  They’ve had a lot of time to plan and organize and their megaphone, Fox “News,”  is stoking the machine.  The turn out had better be huge — millions of people — otherwise I’m going to regard them as, ah, nothing more than a focus group.

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Fox News Refuses to Carry Al Franken’s Acceptance Speech

Fox “News” wouldn’t want to interrupt Glenn Beck or to show that Franken is anything other than the Stuart Smalley clown they’re depicting him as (see two posts down).

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Break Time

This image from the fun new blog, There, I Fixed It:

Fixed It 6-30

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Fox Nation Mocks Al Franken When Announcing his Senate Win

This is at the top of the homepage right now:

Smalley 6-30

And this is what you get if you click on the blue box:


Believe you me, if Norm Coleman had been declared the winner, Fox would have used the most dignified, stately picture they could find.

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Al Franken Wins

In a unanimous decision, the Minnesota Supreme Court has “ordered that Democrat Al Franken be certified as the winner of the state’s long-running Senate race.”

So now we wait.  What will Norm Coleman do?  Take it to a higher court, or not?  (I think he’ll look like a somewhat nutty sore loser if he keeps pushing this.  Time to accept that you lost and to move on Norm.)

UPDATE:  Phew.  Coleman conceded.  Good for him.

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On Blogging

A friend sent me this today:


(H/t NA.)

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