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Mark Sanford – CNN’s David Mattingly’s Lame Report

CNN’s David Mattingly just reported that it’s not unusual for SC Gov. Mark Sanford to go “out of pocket” (what the heck does that mean?) at the end of a legislative session and oh, by the way, he’s probably hiking the Appalachian Trail.

We still know nothing (see below) about where Sanford is.

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Why is the 24/7 Cable “News” Media Ignoring the Missing Mark Sanford Story?

Do they know something we don’t know?  Are they complying with emails and/or IM’s from the GOP about keeping this quiet?  Have they heard rumors that (1) Sanford is depressed?  (2)  His marriage is in trouble?  (3) He’s a drunk and he needs to sleep it off before coming forward?

This already mysterious, and potentially salacious and/or tragic story — involving power and intrigue — is right up  the 24/7 cable “news” media’s alley.  So bells and whistles are going off in my head as I watch them ignore it.

Not only that, but the media is “liberal,” right?  So why aren’t they seizing the opportunity to pummel and shame a Republican?

(Thank God for that D.C. train wreck.  Kind of gave everyone an excuse to shove this aside for “breaking news,” huh?  (As if the Sanford story isn’t.))

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Governor Mark Sanford Found: #DrudgeFail and #PoliticoFail

Sanford 6-22-09

This is called “news” and “reporting” and “journalism” in this country:

1)  A South Carolina newspaper — The State — posts an article saying that the Republican governor of SC has been “located” (but nobody has seen him since Thursday):   “Sanford’s office told the lieutenant governor’s office Monday afternoon that Sanford has been reached and he is fine, said Frank Adams, head of Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer’s office on aging.”  So, Sanford’s office told so-and-so something and “The State” took it as absolute fact and reported that Sanford had been “located.”

2)  Republican gatekeeper Matt Drudge puts this twitter (above), linking to the same lame article and he posts the below on his website:

Drudge Sanford 6-22

Meanwhile, Politico runs the headline:  Staff says Gov. Mark Sanford is Safe.”  Their source?  Again, Sanford’s office:

South Carolina GOP Gov. Mark Sanford is safe and secure, his office said Monday afternoon, moving to tamp down speculation that he had gone missing.

So, what have we learned?  Nothing, other than that purported “news” organizations are more than happy to take insider spin and turn it into fact.

Where’s Sanford?  Why didn’t his wife know where he was but his “office” did?  Why  did he decide to take some time off to “write something” during the Father’s Day weekend?  Who’s in charge of the state of SC?  Who’s protecting this guy?  Why has it taken almost five days for it to come to light that he was missing?  Etc., etc., etc.

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MSNBC Gives Airhead Willie Geist His Own Show

Unbelievable.  I think Willie Geist is one of the dumbest guys on television, right up there with Fox “talent” (note the URL), Steve Doocy.  I can only presume Geist got where he is because of his father, CBS’s Bill Geist (who has a good sense of humor but not much else, far as I can tell).  But, come June 29, Willie will have his own show on MSNBC.  The antithesis of Rachel Maddow.

It’ll probably go something like this:

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Florida Senate Candidate Says What Iran Needs is More Guns

Hey, yeah!  Elect Marco Rubio, another guy who can’t comprehend complex situations and who consults the winger playbook and pulls out one of the eight or nine pat answers designed to fit every conceivable situation:  cut taxes, bomb/invade, more guns, abstinence, free markets, etc.

(Let’s ask Neda’s family what they think.)

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More on Neda

Here is a devastatingly sad piece about Neda — Neda Agha-Soltan — the cherished and beloved young woman who was murdered by the Iranian government on Saturday, the video of which was broadcast around the world.

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Republican SC Governor Mark Sanford is Literally MIA

Remember South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford?  He’s the guy who announced he wasn’t going to take any of that socialist stimulus money (though he was later overruled by his state’s legislature).  Well, apparently he’s been missing “for several days,”  including yesterday, Father’s Day.  His wife claims he was “writing something and wanted some space to get away from the kids” but even she doesn’t know where he is.

Hey, I hope the guy’s okay but if Sanford is still thinking of running for president on the GOP ticket in 2012, he might want to hightail it back to the office because this does not look good.

(Ensign last week.  Sanford this week.  The GOP is literally cracking up.)

UPDATE:  He had a very bad week last week which may have contributed to whatever’s going on (at first I thought this was a joke):  Bad day for Sanford.  S.C. lawmakers overturn 10 vetos, go home for year.

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