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Treason! — Per Fox News — Clean Air Will Destroy the Country

Yesterday the House of Representatives passed a “sweeping energy and climate bill” which would,

for the first time usher in widespread government restrictions on greenhouse gases and help renewable energy become cost competitive with fossil fuels.

Fox’s response?

Treason energy bill 6-27

The “folks” at Fox are on your side?  Think again.  It’s about:  Money.  Power.  Corporations.  Money.  Lobbyist.  Crushing We the People.  Money.  Union?  Health care?  No!  Money.  You and me = “industrial base” = dumb fucks.  Powerless = good.  Money.  They want us to feel hopeless.  Power.   Money.  We should be happy breathing soot! Money.  Power:  Not!  Sit down.  Shut up.

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No rain or thunderstorm this evening for the first time in roughly two months.

Love sitting outside on our deck — which is under a big tree — without the fear of lightening.

A summer day.


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Click on It

It’s addictive.

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