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There Are Some Pissed Off Democrats Out There

Here’s a good post about how fed-up and pissed off Democrats are: 2 out of 5 of them have either decided they will not vote in 2010 or they’re on the fence about it.

I’m raising my hand here.  I’m one of the ones who’s thinking about not voting too, though I take the “democratic process” so seriously I’m not sure I could ever not vote.  But after living through four Democratic presidents, none of whom inspired me in the least, and now working on a fifth who is running out of “leadership runway” (as a friend said this weekend), I’m pretty freakin’ fed up with the whole process.

But what worries me the most is the effect Obama-disappointment will have on young people.  I remember their incredible enthusiasm last year — and even the year before last when they were the base of Obama’s base.  They may be too disillusioned to vote again for years, if ever, which would be a tragedy not only for Democrats, but for the country.

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Rick Warren Refuses to Take Sides When it Comes to Slaughtering Innocent People

You’d think that for a, ah, “Christian” pastor this would be a no brainer.  But no.  Here’s the scoop.


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Wall Street’s Partying Like It’s 2006

On Saturday the New York Times published an article titled: Food Stamp Use Soars, and Stigma Fades:

From the ailing resorts of the Florida Keys to Alaskan villages along the Bering Sea, the program is now expanding at a pace of about 20,000 people a day.

There are 239 counties in the United States where at least a quarter of the population receives food stamps, according to an analysis of local data collected by The New York Times.

The counties are as big as the Bronx and Philadelphia and as small as Owsley County in Kentucky, a patch of Appalachian distress where half of the 4,600 residents receive food stamps.

Yesterday the Wall Street Journal published an article about Wall Streeters who are “spending money like the financial crisis never happened:”

From $15,000-a-week Caribbean getaways to art auctions to $200,000 platinum wristwatches that automatically adjust for leap years, signs of the good life are returning.

“What we’re seeing in the last four to eight weeks is a fairly substantial uptick” in demand for extravagant purchases as Wall Street employees grow more confident that the market’s steep rebound so far in 2009 will soon bring them fat bonuses, says David Arnold, senior vice president at Robb Report, a magazine targeted at the super-wealthy.

I volunteer at a food bank.  I see the people who don’t even qualify for food stamps.  They could live for years and years and years on what people are paying for a watch.

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The Pentagon Shows Utter Disrespect for American Taxpayers

This from David Sirota:

In 2000, the Pentagon admitted it has lost — yes, lost — $2.3 trillion. In 2003, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that a subsequent Department of Defense study said it was only $1 trillion. To put such numbers in perspective, contemplate what those sums could finance. $1 trillion, for instance, could pay the total cost of universal health care for the long haul. $2.3 trillion would cover universal health care plus the bank bailout plus the stimulus package.

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As We Move Into the Second Decade of the 21st Century…

…or is that a typo?  Is it the 1st century?:   Uganda proposes death penalty for HIV positive gays.

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Mike Huckabee’s Willie Horton?

Former Arkansas governor, Republican Mike Huckabee granted clemency to Maurice Clemmons, the man wanted for questioning in a Parkland, Washington ambush that killed four cops early today.

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Tweet of the Day


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