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For the Record — Sarah Palin Says “Climategate” is the Truth

Who knows. Sarah Palin just might run for president of the United States in 2012 or 2016.  Whatever she decides to do, I thought it important to make a record of what she thinks — today – about global warming.  So, heads up Indonesia, South Africa, Australia, the Netherlands, Hawaii (is Hawaii in the U.S. of A?), etc.  Here she is:

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Mitt Romney Messes His Hair Up

Mitt Romney’s on Larry King as we speak and a few of his hairs are out of place.

OMG, the guy’s going rogue.  He must be trying the appeal to a “younger audience.”

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President Obama: Yes, You Give Good Speeches But We Need More That Speeches

Obama to Deliver Speech on Economy Tuesday.

Come with me to the food bank tomorrow.

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Tweet of the Day


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John McCain on Meet the Press — AGAIN! — This Sunday?

This morning, on the Joe and Mika — I-love-to-look-at-myself-in-the-monitor — show, I caught the tail end — as in three seconds — of a promo for Sunday’s Meet the Press.  I’m pretty sure I heard that John McCain will be a  guest (oy vey).

You remember Al Gore being on MTP seven, eight, nine times in 2001 after he, ahem, “lost,” to Bush, right?  Oh, and John Kerry was on as many times after he, ahem, lost to Bush too, right?

What’s with the “liberal media’s” obsession with has-been John McCain?  I mean, the GOP doesn’t even care what he has to say anymore.

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Imagining What It’s Like to be Homeless

This morning it was 3º outside.  I sent a thought out to the poor birds and squirrels and deer and other critters who live outdoors around here but a few minutes later I figuratively slapped myself:  what are you thinking Melanie? Fine, send a thought out to the animals but what about the people?!  The homeless people?

Shame on me.

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WorldNetDaily Denied Media Credentials to Copenhagen Climate Summit

From Mother Jones:

According to WND, a media co-ordinator named Axel Wuestenhagen [from the United Nations] turned down the website’s request on the grounds that “advocacy publications of non-governmental or non-profit organizations do not qualify for media accreditation.”

Good, because WND is exactly that, an “advocacy publication.”  Read the article to learn more.

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