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Wait Until Tomorrow to Think About This Tweet of the Day

The U.S. expects to recover all but $42 billion?

This is good news?

I read an article in my local paper today about how my city is considering selling and placing corporate ads on city  buses to pay for paving roads…

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Want to Increase Your Blog Stats? Add Sex, Sex, Sex

UPDATED below.

Last night I put up three posts.  One was titled, “XXX Rachel Uchitel XXX” (Uchitel is one of Tiger Woods’ alleged mistresses), one was titled “XXX Tiger Woods XXX,” and one was titled “XXX Bill Clinton XXX Hillary Clinton XXX.”  (All three have since been taken down.)  In the body of the posts I explained that I was doing a little experiment to see if  my stats changed with the addition of some sexual ah, enticement.

I was motivated to conduct this “experiment” by the number of posts involving sex that appear on the “political blog,” the Huffington Post.  Who knew that adding some X’s would have such an impact:

A graph of my stats as of 8:14 p.m. ET yesterday:

And a graph of my stats as of 6:41 p.m. ET today:

So, I guess the lesson is that if you’re a gigantic blog like the Huffington Post, a cable “news” channel like Fox News (see FoxNewsPorn), or an itty bitty blog out there in bazillions-of-them-bloggerland, and you’re looking for a way — any way —  to increase your stats, add some SEX!

UPDATE @ 7:54 p.m. ET:   Thanks to my friend and former colleague, Ellen at the News Hounds, I’m reminded of the five months I spent in 2005 documenting how Neil Cavuto, Fox’s “business news” honcho, used sex, sex, sex to satiate his viewers.  (That post was included in the book by Joseph Amann and Tom Breuer. (2007) “Fair and Balanced, My Ass!”  New York City: Nation Books.)

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Fox News: Let’s Count How Many Ways We Can Find to Do Hit Pieces on Obama

My God.  I went to this morning just to look around and I almost sprayed my coffee onto my computer screen when I saw the headline:

Incredible.  After eight years of  “Bushisms,” like, “I know how hard it is to put food on your family,” not to mention monumental “flubs” like how Bush handled the immediate aftermath of Katrina — none of which Fox criticizes to this day — we have a hit piece on Obama and his administration a mere 11 months in.  More faux “fair and balanced” garbage from Fox.

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