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Can You — Will You — Spare a Dime for the Love of Dogs?

We’re all strapped right now — thinking about paying the tax man so we can wage more wars and build more bases while our streets are crumbling — but if you can spare a dime, here’s a cause that near and dear to my heart:  Baghdad Pups:

U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan befriend local animals as a way to help cope with the emotional hardships they endure every day while deployed in a war zone.  The Operation Baghdad Pups program provides veterinary care and coordinates complicated logistics and transportation requirements in order to reunite these beloved pets with their service men and women back in the U.S. These important animals not only help our heroes in the war zone, but they also help them readjust to life back home after combat.

Please consider making a donation, no matter how small. It’s the donation that counts, not the size.

Thank you all.

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The “History Channel” Set to Air a Hit Job on the Kennedy Family

My friend, Robert Greenwald:

It turns out that “The Kennedys,” an upcoming mini-series on The History Channel, is nothing more than a right wing political hit job. Its aim is to turn all the wonderful and important accomplishments of the Kennedy family into a cheap story of sexual titillation, opportunism and failure, of backstabbing and political intrigue. Historically misleading, demeaning and disgusting, this piece of far right propaganda goes beyond the bounds of decency, let alone historical accuracy. I was shocked and infuriated at this character assassination and sexual exploitation of the highest order, driven by a right wing agenda. I couldn’t believe what I was reading.

On second thought, maybe I shouldn’t have been so surprised. After all, this is par for the course for the right wing. The recent ‘Citizens United’ Supreme Court decision, travesty that it was, was merely the capstone of a generations-long effort by conservatives to rewrite history and litter it with suggestions and outright fabrications of sleaze, crimes and conspiracies by progressive icons, from Hillary Clinton to John F. Kennedy. That’s how hacks like Jonah Goldberg and David Horowitz draw their paychecks.

Right-wing zealots, of course, hail the Citizens United decision as a victory for “free (corporate) speech.” But yet, when the mythology of their own pantheon of heroes is challenged, these same right-wing activists drop the “free speech” mantle like a hot potato and sing a different tune, such as when they successfully pressured CBS to drop its plans to air a mini-series on the Reagans a few years ago.

It’s time to defend our own pantheon and stand up for responsible historiography. Sign our petition to the History Channel telling them that this upcoming mini-series is right-wing character assassination, not “history”.

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Boycott the iPod?

I’m watching the CBS Evening News.  They’re doing a story about all the manufacturing jobs that have been lost in the US.  An example:  While Apple is obviously an American company, it has sold 150 million iPods, all of which were made in China, where workers make about 1/20th of what we make here.

How we got to this place isn’t all that complicated.

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Tweet of the Day

From David Sirota:

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Republican Arrogance and Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds

In light of the Republican’s year-long plan (and counting) to “just say no” to anything Democrats or President Obama propose, House Democrats recently began tossing around the idea of invoking the reconciliation process in order to get health care reform legislation moving.

Now the Republicans are asking Obama to take reconciliation off the table as a “show of good faith,” as if trying, again and again, to work with them for the last year wasn’t enough of a “show of good faith:”

The day after President Obama announced his plan to host a bipartisan support on health care reform, House Republican leaders wrote a letter to the White House, asking that the reconciliation process be taken off the table as a “show of good faith” to the GOP.

The request probably generated some laughter among Democratic leaders. In effect, Boehner and Cantor said they’d be more willing to talk about health care reform if the president agrees in advance to give Republicans the opportunity to kill health care reform.

Roll Call reports today that reconciliation will, thankfully, remain on the table.

If we had an effective, competent media that reported this shit and exposed it for the laughable hypocrisy it is, Republicans would be far less likely to play these games and the country might actually be able to crawl forward and inch or two.

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Glenn Beck’s Show Airs in the UK Without Advertisements

I wonder how much money Rupert Murdoch is shelling out to keep Glenn Beck on the air what with his advertisers dropping him left and right:

In a press release today, James Rucker of Color of Change noted the StopBeck effort’s success in pulling so many sponsors from Glenn Beck in the U.K. that his show has run ad-less for the last six consecutive days.

Color of Change also announced additional sponsors that dropped Glenn Beck in the United States. Thirteen of these sponsors were not already on our list of 103 dropped sponsors. When added, they bring the total number of dropped sponsors for Glenn Beck to 116.

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Why Corporations Own Washington

One word:  Money.

This is almost unfathomable“…about $1.3 million [was] spent on lobbying for EVERY HOUR that Congress was in session in 2009.”

There is no way We the People can compete with this.  We must enact laws to change how things are done, but what with Citizens United, the chances of that happening are more remote than ever.

We are so screwed.

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