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Is the US Where the USSR Was in 1975?

I turned on the TV two minutes ago and landed on HGTV. They’re airing a show called “For Rent.”  It’s about a “formerly tent-living couple” that moves into an apartment.

This is unbelievable.  Is this the norm around here these days?

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Tweet of the Day

From Michael Moore.  Hey, slow down, read it, and think about it:

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2010 Campaign Calls Already Overwhelming My Area

I guesstimate that I’ve received six recorded calls since Friday PM having to do with the 2010 election.

I’ll start keeping track but suffice it to say, I’m already irritated.  And it’s what?  March 1st?

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Some Good News

“Democrat” Harold — Merrill Lynch —  Ford, Jr., has decided not to run against Kirsten Gillibrand in New York:

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Unemployed? Get Off Your Ass And Get a Damn Job

Republican Senator Jon Kyl of Arizona:  Unemployment Benefits Make People Not Want to Get a Job.



Am I dreaming?

Republicans are terrified of, and unable to stand up to, the Tea Partiers and the likes of Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh.  As a result of their fear, they’re abandoning Americans as a whole, and the country.

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What do Glenn Beck, Rahm Emanuel and Blanche Lincoln Have in Common?

In late January we learned that President Obama’s Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel said liberals where “fu*king retarded.”  Ten days ago Glenn Beck said progressives should be “eradicated.”  Today, we hear that the “Democratic” senator from Arkansas, Blanche Lincoln, called liberals “extremists.

I’m still digesting this cumulative assault; it’s unbelievable that “Democrats” would join the likes of Beck to attack their base.  I’m thinking we might be seeing the effect of Citizens United — if a corporation has your back, party lines don’t matter anymore and you can say whatever you want with impunity.

We’ll see.

I’m still hoping that We the People have a voice so I just went to and made a donation to the Bill Halter for Senate campaign (Halter is challenging Lincoln in the AK primary) which I note has raised $429,686.60 in less than 24-hours.

Take that Blanche!

Oh, P.S.  The White House endorsed Blanche today.

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Break Time — Photography

Alien Landscapes on Planet Earth.  Photography by Martin Rietze.

A taste, from the STROMBOLI and ETNA series — 7.5.2009-11.5.2009:

Wow.  Spectacular.  Imagine being there in person.

(There are more photographs behind every photo on the home page so click away.)

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