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Tweet of the Day

From Ruth Reichl (I’m drooling):

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CNN Merges With Fox

Look at this screenshot from the “most trusted name in news,” the “liberal” CNN:

Here’s more, from the amazing Glenn Greenwald.  If you care about our so-called media, please, read it. 

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Frozen Dead Guy — a Bizarre But Loveable Tradition

Make your reservations now for a trip to the Frozen Dead Guy Days in world famous Nederland, Colorado.

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Pass the Damn Bill Already, Con’t

Watching Countdown.  Lawrence O’Donnell tells me that Bart Stupak (D-MI) insists that there be no abortion coverage in any health care bill (again).  He interviews Maxine Waters (D-CA) who says we’ve “got to get something done.”

(Shaking head.)  Is this a repeat? I could swear I’ve seen this show 30 times in the last year.

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Rush Limbaugh — Uber-Rich Elitist

Rush Limbaugh has sold himself as an average American Joe; a guy who cares about the people, “the folks.”

Watch this video.  How many average American Joes do you know who spend $81,450.22 per month — that’s  $81,450.22 per month — on fees (maintenance, taxes, etc.) on their homes?

Rush Limbaugh ain’t no average American Joe.  Rush Limbaugh is of the elites who are sucking this country dry and who abhore average American Joes.  The guy is laughing at his listeners all the way to the bank.

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Memo to Republicans, Tea Partiers and the “Liberal” Media: READ THIS

Put this, from the Econbrowser, in your pipe and smoke it:

The FACT is that two huge bills passed by George W. Bush and the Republicans, THROUGH RECONCILIATION, are costing us billions of dollars whereas the Senate version of the health reform bill will SAVE US MONEY.

This is not debatable.  These are facts folks.  So now, let’s fucking move the hell on.

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Wingnut Endorsed by Alan Keyes Poised to Join Texas Supreme Court

Wow.  It looks like there’s a darn good chance that Texas will elect a Tea Party wingnut, with “exactly zero judicial experience,” who was once endorsed by Alan Keyes, to the state Supreme Court.

As we’ve seen with the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in the Citizens United case, things can get ugly when idealogues become judges.

Be careful Texas.

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