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Tweet of the Day

From DavidSirota:

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World Net Daily Magazine Cover Shows Obama Shot In the Face

This is a screenshot from the homepage at TheFoxNation showing the “cover” of the new “World Net Weekly” online “news” magazine:

The accompanying article mocks people like me, who immediately saw that red “tomato” as a bullet hole:

Featuring President Obama with a tomato splattered squarely on his nose, the image signifies not just a thorough booing of him and his policies but is positioned to liken him to common clown costuming. That latter point is reflected in the issue’s headline, “Enough clowning: Americans rejecting ‘greatest snow-job on Earth.'”

Such symbiotic satire was lost on those who projected criminal intents onto the tomato.

Oh, so seeing this as something more than a tomato splatter means there’s something wrong with me?  I’m “projecting criminal intents [sic] onto the tomato?”  No.  I’m projecting criminal intent onto World Net Daily.

This reminds me of what Fox “News” does when it gets caught making an outrageous statement:  Hey, relax. Get a sense of humor.  Why are you so angry?  It’s a joke.  We’re kidding!  It’s everybody else’s fault, not ours.

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The 120th Advertiser Drops Glenn Beck’s Show

TubroTax becomes the 120th advertiser to stop advertising on The Glenn Beck Show.

Way to go TurboTax!

More on the graphic here.

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Republicans Have No Intention of Cutting Your Taxes

The top House GOP budget guy, Paul Ryan (R-WI), has produced a “budget roadmap” that makes my skin crawl and causes me to pray that the Republicans never, ever control the legislative branches of our government again because they are insane:

As you would expect from a conservative plan, compared to Barack Obama’s tax ideas Ryan would raise less government revenue. This is why he needs sharp cuts in Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, defense, and all other government programs combined with privatization of Medicare so that a larger share of your diminished benefit goes to for-profit insurance companies. The interesting thing, however, is that when the Center for Tax Justice (PDF) ran the numbers, they discovered that this isn’t the kind of tax cut that makes your taxes lower. On the contrary. Most Americans will pay higher taxes under Ryan’s plan than under Obama’s. Only the very richest will pay less.

“Only the very richest will pay less?”  So the very richest would get another GOP tax cut?

So give Ryan credit. It’s quite difficult to raise taxes on 90 percent of Americans while reducing overall tax revenue, but he’s shown enormous ingenuity in getting the job done. Remember that this is the top House GOP budget guy. If John Boehner becomes Speaker after the midterms, Ryan will be writing budgets for the new majority, presumably animated by the same moral principles that led him to this idea.

When you hear the GOP talk about reducing the deficit, this is the kind of thing they’re talking about.  If anything like this ever passes, you can kiss this country good-bye.  We’ll all be living in the streets.

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Light Side

This is amazing: What if Everybody in Canada Flushed at Once:

The water utility in Edmonton, EPCOR, published the most incredible graph of water consumption last week. By now you’ve probably heard that up to 80% of Canadians were watching last Sunday’s gold medal Olympic hockey game. So I guess it stands to reason that they’d all go pee between periods.

But still—the degree to which the water consumption matches with the key breaks in the hockey game is stunning.

I bet water consumption patterns in the U.S. were pretty similar.

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Median Wealth for Single Black Women, $5 — White Women, $42,600

Wow.  This.  Is.  Absolutely.  Shocking:

Women of all races bring home less income and own fewer assets, on average, than men of the same race, but for single black women the disparities are so overwhelmingly great that even in their prime working years their median wealth amounts to only $5.

In a groundbreaking report released Monday by a leading economic research group, social scientists turned a spotlight on the grave financial challenges facing an often overlooked group of women, many of whom could not take an unpaid sick day or repair a major appliance without going into debt.

“It’s rather shocking,” said Meizhu Lui, director of the Closing the Gap Initiative based in Oakland, Calif., who contributed to the report “Lifting as We Climb: Women of Color, Wealth and America’s Future.”

Among the most startling revelations in the wealth data is that while single white women in the prime of their working years (ages 36 to 49) have a median wealth of $42,600 (still only 61 percent of their single white male counterparts), the median wealth for single black women is only $5.

It’s no wonder there is a whole generation of single black women in this country who are living at the same poverty level as their mothers and grandmothers.  Nobody has anything to pass down, to help the next generation get a leg up; the group as a whole has no real chance of breaking out of this vicious cycle.


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You Know the Recession is Bad When…

A California robber holds up 11 people and gets all of $6.

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