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Why You’re Broke: $78.00 Flip-Flops?

$78.00 — that would be seventy eight dollars (how many hours do you have to work to make that much money?) — for a pair of flip-flops?

People:  Stop.  Think!

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Howard Fineman Silent on His Birther-Like Remark

As of 11:38 p.m ET, big shot Washington, D.C. “journalist” Howard Fineman doesn’t  have anything to say about the birther remark he made today on Olbermann, about Obama being from Kenya.

Oh, P.S.  This would be the “liberal” MSNBC we’re talkin’ about here.

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Threat Level? High

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World Record-Setters in Pictures — Break Time

Here’s one in a series of really cool photos:

Egyptian Mohammed Ali Zinhom, 25, attempts a new Guinness World Record for doing push ups on the 2 fingers of his right hand only, in front of the historical site of the Giza Pyramids, Egypt, Monday, March 8, 2010. Zinhom recorded 46 push ups in 49 seconds. (AP Photo/Amr Nabil)

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Tweets of the Day

Yikes, I forgot where this one came from but it’s too good to trash (apologies to the author!):

Take a minute to think about that because that’s Fox’s notion of “fair and balanced” in a nutshell.

And this from socratic:

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Howard Fineman: Obama “Comes From a Country of Long-Distance Runners”

Howard Fineman on Countdown w/Keith Olbermann not three minutes ago:  “Obama comes from a country of long distance runners [Kenya?] and was one.”

A “mistake” like that isn’t a mistake, it’s what Howard Fineman believes after marinating in Washington, D.C., a town dominated by Republithink for 30 years.

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CNN’s John King Hosts Dana Bash on “John King USA,” but King Doesn’t Identify Bash as His Wife

Just watched CNN’s new show, “John King USA.”  King hosted Dana Bash and Jesssica Yellin in a segment titled “Wall to Wall.”  King kept referring to Bash and Yellin as “ladies” but he didn’t tell the audience that he and Bash are married for God’s sake.

This is enough for me to write “John King USA” off for good.  He can’t be trusted to reveal his conflicts of interest and, to say the least, cozy associations that might influence what we hear on “the most trusted name in news.”

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