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Good Night


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San Francisco Calls For a “Sweeping Boycott” of Arizona

Bravo to the San Francisco city supervisors:

San Francisco supervisors are calling for a sweeping boycott of Arizona in the wake of that state’s harsh new rules aimed at illegal immigrants.

A resolution that will go before the board Tuesday will call for San Francisco to end any and all contracts with Arizona-based companies and to stop doing business with the state.

“We want to send a message,” Supervisor David Campos told a rally on the steps of City Hall this morning. “There are consequences when you target a whole people.”

(Emphasis added.)

Yes! But watch Fox “News” single this story out and run with it: Stoned, tree-hugging, burnt-out liberal socialist commie hippies who believe that BS about, heh, “global warming,” but who panhandle, don’t bathe, haven’t worked a day in their life (they’re sucking off of you, Mr./Ms. taxpayer  — be very, very afraid), are “putting this country at risk!”  (BTW, they love Barbara Boxer and Nancy Pelosi!)

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Glenn Beck’s Chalkboard Chats

Yo, Teabaggers and wing nuts:  This is what Glenn Beck sees when he snuggles up to his chalkboard and acts like he’s talking directly to you:

Just sayin’.

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Tweet of the Day

This from Jay Newton-Small of Time magazine (“finreg” = financial regulation):

Do it Democrats!!!!

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Republicans Refuse to So Much as TALK About Financial Reform

Yipee.  Republicans don’t even want to talk about financial reform.

What are they thinking?  Oh, that’s right, they aren’t.  They’re like cows with rings in their noses, following Fox “News” and the Tea Partiers:  Republicans (and one DINO) Block Debate — DEBATE! — on Financial Reform Bill.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.  Guess the overriding objective is to Make.  Obama.  Fail.  Never mind what the long-term implications are for the country.

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Howard Kurtz is a Snarky Ass

Howard Kurtz is the Washington Post‘s “media critic” and of course, the host of “Reliable Sources” on CNN.  Look at this unprofessional, nasty  tweet he sent out this afternoon.  Gosh.  Wonder if he ever criticized W. for meeting with a sports team.

Guess we know who’s side he’s on huh?  So much for being a supposedly unbiased media critic.

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“Everyone Either Looks Like a Drag Queen or a Stripper”

This is SUCH good news, and it’s about time:

IT took years for Hollywood to create the perfect woman. Now it wants the old one back.

In small but significant numbers, filmmakers and casting executives are beginning to re-examine Hollywood’s attitude toward breast implants, Botox, collagen-injected lips and all manner of plastic surgery.

Television executives at Fox Broadcasting, for example, say they have begun recruiting more natural looking actors from Australia and Britain because the amply endowed, freakishly young-looking crowd that shows up for auditions in Los Angeles suffers from too much sameness.

“I think everyone either looks like a drag queen or a stripper,” said Marcia Shulman, who oversees casting for Fox’s scripted shows.

Independent casting directors like Mindy Marin, who worked on the Jason Reitman film “Up in the Air,” are urging talent agents to discourage clients from having surgery, particularly older celebrities who, she contends, are losing jobs because their skin is either too taut or swollen with filler. Said Ms. Marin: “What I want to see is real.”


“It is viewed as ridiculous. Ten years ago, actresses had the feeling that they had to get plastic surgery to get the part. Now I think it works against them. To walk into a casting session looking false hurts one’s chances.”

There’s more at the link above.

I think the surgery Heidi Montag had in February,

which made her look so artificial, and I think less pretty than she was before, stunned people into taking another look at how crazy the whole cosmetic surgery trend has become.

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