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Don’t Buy It!

$69.00 on QVC but hey, make three payments of $23.00 on “easy pay” and you won’t feel it (that’s what QVC is hoping for).

When would you wear this?


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How Many “Third in Command” are There in Al Qaeda?

Seems to me this is about the tenth time I’ve heard that  the “third in command” in al Qaeda has been killed.

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Obama Bows to the Righties — Does Photo-Op Speech in Arlington

Righties turned up the heat last week when President Obama decided to spend the Memorial Day weekend in Chicago instead of in D.C. and at Arlington National Cemetery, laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier.

You know what they were thinking:

Obama’s weekend plans included laying a wreath at a grave at the  Abraham Lincoln Memorial Cemetery in Elmwood, Illinois.  Unfortunately, that was cut short today due to a torrential rainstorm, so Obama flew back to D.C. and did what?  Put that whole thing to bed?  No.  In order to placate the righties he made a speech at Andrews Air Force Base so the wingers

wouldn’t accuse him of “hating our troops.”

But what good did that do?  None.  Here are the headlines on tonight:

When will he ever learn?

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Stop Sending Billions of Dollars in Aid to Israel

The United States gives billions of dollars in aid — yes, that would be billions, with a “b” — to Israel every year.  If Israel is going to take that money and use it to raid a ship — sailing in international waters — carrying aid to the blockaded people of Gaza and kill nine or ten humanitarians (no, they weren’t associated with al Qaeda)  in the process, then I say let’s withhold the money, now.

But no.  The Israeli lobby in the United States is so powerful that if they had their way, it would be a crime for me to put this post up.

Oh, and I agree with these tweets of the day, from The Young Turks:

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Power to the Vets

Happy Memorial Day to all veterans, past and present.

Please, please, please Obama, bring our service men and women home now. Make today the last day we morn a soldier who died for our need for oil:

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BP’s CEO: “I Would Like My Life Back”

BP’s CEO Tony Hayward whined to CNN today about how he would, “like my life back.


Yeh, so would hundreds if not thousands of Gulf coast restauranteurs, fishermen, hoteliers, guides…

What an arrogant ass.

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Winger Terror Alert

Expect the hysterics on the right to freak out about this tomorrow (anything to divert attention  away from how “small government” has failed us, as in the financial crisis and the oil spill):

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