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Tweet of the Day

From ChrisIHayes:

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Don’t Forget, Osama Bin Laden: “Dead or Alive”

To all the righties out there who are picking at this or that detail about how we caught the guy who staged the failed Times Square bombing: hey, our law enforcement agencies caught the guy in less than 60 hours60 hours!

Meanwhile, Osama Bin Laden, who George W. Bush said he’d get “dead or alive,” is still at-large, after almost nine years.

Just sayin’.

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Break Time

Relax, take a deep breath, and imagine you’re flying:


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Attention: Massey Energy Employees

Concerned about intimidation by Massey Energy in its investigation of the Upper Big Branch mine explosion, the Department of Labor has set up a tip line where employees and others can file anonymous reports about the working conditions there.  The number is 877-827-3966.

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Expect a Fox Freak Out About the United Nations Tomorrow

Per Andrea Mitchell:

This is a FOX NEWS ALERT:  Expect Fox to freak out about this tomorrow.  One of Fox’s many goals is to make its viewers hate and distrust the United Nations because, allegedly, they make us do stuff we don’t want to do, and they get in the way of us doing whatever we want.  They’re way too uppity and they’ve got to be stopped.

So a 60% approval rating is bad news and Fox will spend the next several days in emergency mode trying to quash it.

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Yeah Sure, Fox Cares About “The Folks”

Wouldn’t it be great (and sane and humane) if every worker in the U.S. was guaranteed a set number of sick days annually?  Well, the uber-pro-business Fox “News” doesn’t think so, despite their claim that they’re lookin’ out for “the folks.”  They aired a segment Saturday during the “Cost of Freedom Business Block” about that and the gist of the discussion was that universal sick days would “coddle slackers and give them a free vacation.”

On Fox, the rich can do no wrong.  As a matter of fact, you gotta feel sorry for the poor things.  Kind and thoughtful people that they are — after all, they create all these jobs for us peons — they pay way, way too much in taxes.  But us working stiffs?  We can’t do anything right.  The bank convinces us we can afford a humongous mortgage, or we run up credit card debt buying food because our wages don’t match the cost of living?  We’re idiots because we didn’t read the damn mortgage contract or cut back on food.  Give us a little crumb, a piddly four or five sick days a year, and we’re coddled slackers.

Why anyone watches this mean, corporatist propaganda is beyond me.  I guess the Fox fans have all been suckered into believing that one day, yes, one day, they’ll be rich too so all this talk is okay by them.

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Fox Implies That Even Angelina Jolie Hates President Obama

This graphic is up on right now:

Click on the caption and one is usually taken to an explanation.  Not today. This is what you get:

So I Googled it.  Turns out, despite Fox’s devious implication, it isn’t about disliking Obama at all:

Everyone knows Angelina Jolie is an incredibly busy woman, but too busy to meet President Obama? Yep, rather than celebrate at the White House Correspondents Dinner this weekend, Angie’s pal tells me she’d rather be doing something to help others as opposed to mingling at fancy, lavish parties. Applause all around, but this is the President of the United States we’re talking about!

When you read something on Fox’s website, verify it folks.

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