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A $165.00 “JPK Paris” Nylon Bag? — Don’t Get Ripped Off

File this under “Don’t Get Ripped Off:

It’s a long story but I made a doohickey for our yard last fall that required a 3′ by 10′ piece of nylon fabric.  The cost?  $17.00.  Meanwhile, add a little bit of leather and some “stylized goldtone hardware” and this bag sells for $165.00?

It’s NYLON!!!  If you buy this bag, “JPK Paris” is laughing all the way to the bank.  Don’t do it.

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Friday Night Terror at Fox

Look at the headline up at right now (7:18 p.m. ET):

Nothing, nothing as to the potential cause (see all that blank space under the picture?).  (Let your imagination run wild people.)

Meanwhile, I got this tweet an hour ago:

The “deadly blast” that rocked New Hampshire is an explosion at a gun factory.  No wonder Fox didn’t fill in the blanks — that would take the fear mongering out of it.  I.e., Obama can’t keep you safe.

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Tweet of the Day

From DaveWeigel:

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Hah! Arizona Thinks Its Problem is Insufficient PR

Governor Out to Rebrand Arizona Over Immigration Law Criticism:

Acknowledging that Arizona has developed a serious image problem because of its tough new immigration law, Gov. Jan Brewer and tourism-industry leaders said Thursday that they will launch a new effort to stanch the flow of lost trade and convention business in the state.

The legislation and firestorm of negative publicity that followed brought calls for boycotts, moved groups to back out of local conventions and led several cities to cut business ties with Arizona companies.

The loss of business is critical in a recession-battered state vitally dependent on visitor spending.

// Good luck with that!

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Break Time

Buzzfeed has a collection of photos of (mostly) homemade cakes made for graduates — people graduating from kindergarten all the way through to people graduating from college.  Some of them are incredibly clever.

My fave is probably this one, which pretty much summarizes how I felt every time I graduated from anything having to do with school:

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Transocean Dodges U.S. Taxes by Locating Headquarters in Switzerland

All the more reason these criminals should be made to pay every cent of the cleanup costs and of the damages to individuals:

In the foothills of the Swiss Alps four new steel-gray towers rise from what used to be a grassy field. One of them is home to Transocean Ltd., the world’s biggest offshore drilling contractor and owner of the Deepwater Horizon rig that exploded in the Gulf of Mexico, leading to one of the worst oil spills in history.

Low taxes prompted the decision two years ago to move to landlocked Switzerland: The company paid 16 percent tax on its $4.4 billion global operating income last year. The regular corporate income tax in the United States stands at about 35 percent.

The company, once based in Delaware, shifted its head office from the Cayman Islands, where it has been since 1999, to the central Swiss canton (state) of Zug. It joined other international corporations flocking there in search of tax advantages.

Only a dozen of Transocean’s employees are physically located in Zug — more than 1,300 are based in Houston, Texas.

Oh, and since corporations are now people, why don’t we try them for murder too?  If any one person did what has been done to the Gulf — including killing 11 men — you think they’d stay out of prison?  Of course not, so let’s get serious about this corporations-as-persons crap.  They shouldn’t just get to reap the benefits.  If they’re people, then okay, they’re people!  Period.  Bring it on.

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Saddest Headline of the Day

Here is the saddest, most pitiful, most telling headline of the day:  “Salazar Again Promises the Reform he Promised Last Year:”

DENVER – Interior Secretary Ken Salazar is putting his deputy, Denver resident Chris Henderson, in charge of reorganizing the Lakewood-based Minerals Management Service with hopes of doing what he promised to do when taking over at Interior last January: actually regulating offshore oil drilling.

Nearly three weeks since the explosion at BP’s Deepwater Horizon drilling site off the Louisiana coast, and amidst continued revelations that Salazar’s Interior Department perpetuated the Bush administration pattern of rubber-stamping drilling permits with little regard for environmental concerns or federal law, Salazar announced this week that he will be dividing MMS into two separate entities — one that oversees safety concerns, and another that collects royalties from oil and gas companies.

Salazar is a disgrace. If he’d done last year what he said he would do, the Gulf might not be in the mess it’s in today.  I think he should be fired.  And I wonder where the outrage is among progressives.  If this was happening under a Republican administration people would be calling for Salazar’s head.  This is not change we can believe in.

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