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Greta Van Susteren — Fox’s “Liberal” — Hosts Hardcore Republican Radicals

I just caught a few minutes of “On the Record,” hosted by Fox’s one and only, ahem, “liberal,” Greta Van Susteren.  Her guests?  Newt Gingrich, Eric Cantor and Jan Brewer, the Governor of Arizona.

Yep, that would be “liberal” in Murdochland.

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Pray for the Gulf

Photo by John McCusker/THE TIMES-PICAYUNE – May 20, 2010 at 5:50 PM:  Oil covers a beach across the bridge from Grand Isle at Camindad Bay.

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Sarah Palin — What Say You About Endorsing Rand Paul?

Will Sarah Palin endorse fellow Tea Partier Rand Paul, who’s against the Americans With Disabilities Act?

I ask because I’m thinking about little ol’ Trig:

Sarah threw a fit when Rahm Emanuel used the word “retarded” so I can’t wait to see her convulse over Paul’s position.

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Is the Air in the Gulf a Killer?

What’s in the air in the Gulf as a result of the oil being spewed by BP’s geyser?

Something that hasn’t received much attention:

Yesterday in Venice, Louisiana, fishermen and local residents called a press conference to talk about the air. People complained of the oily smells when the wind is blowing off the water, and listed symptoms including headaches, nosebleeds, asthma attacks, cough, nausea, and vomiting. Those who had been out on the water said it was even worse out there.

I’m not surprised — I smelled it too. The smell that intermittently invades Venice and other locations along the Gulf Coast has a hint of creosote, but also the sickly smell of diesel fuel. It made my stomach turn, and I am not particularly sensitive to these things. It’s clear that there’s something in the air; the question is – is it harmful?

I went out late last week with an air monitoring device to look for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and benzene. It seemed reasonable to start with VOCs, especially benzene, because they are among the most toxic compounds that could be coming from the oil. I have blogged previously on the health effects of these chemicals.


It’s long past time for OSHA to step in to make BP release their data – or for the federal government to do independent measurements of air quality and release it to the public. People’s noses aren’t lying, and increasing numbers of fishermen and local residents are feeling ill. Something is in the air, and we need to know what it is.

Absolutely, but why do bloggers have to put up posts asking these questions?  Where is the government (and/or BP) and why isn’t it providing this info outright?  Who’s protecting who?  Who’s in bed with who?  I suspect the answer is that the Obama administration is in bed with BP — both of them trying to protect their individual culpable sorry asses.

They’d best turn that around.  I read parts of a long thread today about how the government, the media and BP are all supposedly  lying and there are plans to evacuate the entire state of Florida and the entire East Coast.

This is taking on a life of its own, which is bound to happen given the absence of facts.

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In Rand Paul’s World…

Tweet of the day:

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Fire Ken Salazar

Sign the petition to fire Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar here.

This is how the petition reads:

In the wake of the horrific Gulf oil spill, we the undersigned respectfully demand that U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar either submit his resignation or be removed from office by President Obama. According to McClatchy Newspapers and the New York Times, under Salazar’s leadership, the Interior Department gave British Petroleum’s rig a “categorical exclusion” from environmental scrutiny and, according to The New York Times, “gave permission to BP and dozens of other oil companies to drill in the Gulf without first getting required (environmental) permits.” Additionally, the same Interior Department kept issuing “categorical exclusions” for new Gulf oil operations, and Secretary Salazar still refuses “to rule out continued use of categorical exclusions,” as the Denver Post reported. Knowing this, and knowing Salazar’s record as a U.S. senator of advocating increased offshore oil drilling, we believe he has put the United States economy and environment at grave risk and is not sufficiently committed to the kind of pragmatic environmental stewardship We the People deserve from one of the federal government’s chief regulators. Ken Salazar may have done a heckuva job for the oil industry, but that’s exactly why he needs to go.

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The Left Wants to “Kill the Blogosphere” — Tea Party Nation

I am on the Tea Party Nation’s email list and I just got this insane message from them claiming that the “the left” is trying to “silence conservative voices on the internet” and “kill the blogosphere.”

FYI, I did a bit of research on the Disclose Act and far as I can tell, what the Tea Party Nation says about it isn’t even remotely close to being true.  Somebody has really brainwashed these people into doing the bidding of the corporations to protect them from having to disclose who they make campaign donations to, donations that will likely be humongous given the ruling in Citizens United.

Tea Party Nation
A message to all members of Tea Party Nation

They are at it again.

The left is trying to silence conservative voices on the internet.  We must stop them.

In January, the Supreme Court decided the Citizens United case.  This case was a huge victory for freedom of speech.   Under the theory of never letting a crisis go to waste, the left immediately denounced the decision as a victory for corporations and a defeat for the American citizen.

There is no question that gutting McCain-Feingold was a great victory, but the same clowns that gave us that horrible law are now working at something even worse.   It is called the DISCLOSE act.   The left says it is just going to  require corporations to disclose when they are sponsoring speech.

This is simply not true.

This bill, currently in the House Administration Committee would extend the jurisdiction of the Federal Election Commission over speech and in particular speech over the internet.

This would kill the blogosphere.  And that is their goal.

By giving the FEC jurisdiction over political speech, bloggers would be required to fill out massive forms and face civil and even criminal penalties for violations.   Interestingly enough, the establishment media is exempted from these regulations.

Most bloggers are not rich.  Most even have day jobs.  Very few could afford fines imposed by the government bureaucracy.  Almost none have the funds to be able to fight a government bureaucracy with unlimited funds.   If this legislation becomes law, many bloggers will have to stop blogging because the price of compliance is too great or the fear that fines could bankrupt them or even the fear of criminal prosecution!

This is even more troubling when you consider that Supreme Court Nominee Elena Kagan, as Solicitor General in the Citizens United case argued that the government had the right to ban political pamphlets!

This bill was only introduced less than a month ago and it is now before the House Administration Committee and the House Judiciary Committee.

Call your congressman today and tell them you want this bill killed.

Remember, the Citizens United case, like so many others, was decided by a 5-4 vote.   We came within one vote of having the First Amendment being wiped from the Constitution.   The left wants to silence anyone who disagrees with them and will keep trying to enact draconian laws to do so.

The bill is HR 5175, the Disclose Act.

Let’s kill this bill now!

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