FOX News toned-down patriotism?

June 8, 2010 at 11:40 AM Leave a comment

I have to admit that since I quit watching FOX so you didn’t have to, I very rarely check in on the network and practically never go to their annoying, slow, website of lies.  But I thought I’d go see what they’re doing about Joran Van der Sloot’s murder confession and arrest, assuming it would blanket the front page as much as any of the Natalee Holloway coverage that they brought us (instead of news of what the Bush administration was actually doing).  Nah.  There are the primaries, the oil in the Gulf, a missing child and, oh yeah, this:

But what really struck me was the lack of color.  When I was a regular, before a bi-racial Democrat was elected, FOX was all about respecting  the man in the Oval Office, shutting up and supporting the country, and wrapping themselves in the flag.  The website was a nightmare of distractions and bright colors; now I see their enthusiasm is tempered, as evidenced by the muted colors:

They give themselves away in a million little ways.


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