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MSNBC Adds Another Liberal — Woohoo!

You go MSNBC — good move:  MSNBC Gives Lawrence O’Donnell 10:00 p.m. Show.

Now, tell me when you’re gonna give Amy Goodman a show.

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Obama — Fire Your Advisors

Excuse my language but I’m livid…just watched President Obama’s lame ass “address to the nation” from the Oval Office about how he’s “on top” of the Gulf oil catastrophe.  We’ve heard that two or three times already and now it’s starting to sound hollow.

He’s trying to be all things to all people — exactly the kind of “leader” we don’t need right now.

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Obama’s CYA Speech

Just watched Obama “oil speech.”

Who is this guy?  Where does he stand other than to CYA?

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Chris Matthews Says Bill Clinton Has Been “Generous?”

Why does Chris — freakin’ — Matthews have his own show?  Two minutes ago, on a re-run of Hardball, Matthews was running at the mouth about how he hasn’t seen anyone on the planet be so “generous” as Bill Clinton, doing work for the party (campaigning for candidates) and thus, Barack Obama, who, afterall, ran against his wife.

Yo, Chris, you idiot.  Clinton isn’t being “generous.”  He’s strutting around, having his ego stroked (by folks like you, I might add).  That’s what he’s doing.

God.  Get a grip.

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By the End of The Month, the Majority of the Oil Will Be Stopped

I’m listening to the evening “news” on ABC and they’re reporting that one of the things President Obama will say tonight in his “oil address” is that “by the end of the month, the majority of oil spewing from the well will be stopped.”

Who the hell is Obama listening to?  Man, the guy is SO drinking the corporate Kool Aid.

Let’s take bets.  Who thinks that’ll happen?

I bet $5 it won’t be stopped until at the very, very earliest, mid-July and I’m being stupidly generous with that prediction.  I’m thinkin’ more like October or hey, maybe never.  Maybe it needs to run its course, release a whole bunch of pressure, and then the seabed collapses, we have a tsunami and life as we know it comes to an end.

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60,000 Barrels Per Day = 2,520,000 Gallons

Notice how the “liberal media,” the government and just about everyone else frames the oil pouring out of the BP oil gusher in terms of barrels instead of gallons?  60,000 “barrels” per day being the new high estimate?

I bet a million bucks that when the average listener hears “60,000 barrels” they think, 60,000 gallons.  And BP’s gotta love that.  Fact is, one barrel of oil contains 42 U.S. gallons — gallons — of oil.  So 60,000 “barrels” is equivalent to 2,520,000 gallons gushing into the Gulf every day.

Got that?  Two million five hundred thousand twenty thousand gallons of oil per day.

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BP Oil Flow at 60,000 Barrels Per Day?

Talk about outrage overload:

Based on updated information and scientific assessments, Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar, and Chair of the National Incident Command’s Flow Rate Technical Group (FRTG) Dr. Marcia McNutt (Director of the U.S. Geological Survey) today announced an improved estimate of how much oil is flowing from the leaking BP well.

Secretary Chu, Secretary Salazar, and Dr. McNutt convened a group of federal and independent scientists on Monday to discuss new analyses and data points obtained over the weekend to produce updated flow rate estimates.  Working together, U.S. government and independent scientists estimate that the most likely flow rate of oil today is between 35,000 and 60,000 barrels per day.  The improved estimate is based on more and better data that is now available and that helps increase the scientific confidence in the accuracy of the estimate.


Overall, the leak containment strategy that BP was required to develop projects containment capacity expanding to 40,000-53,000 barrels per day by the end of June and 60,000-80,000 barrels per day by mid-July.

Don’t forget, there are 42 U.S. gallons in a barrel.  So, that would be 2,520,000 gallons per day if the rate is 60,000 barrels per day.

This blows me away. I need to go outside and sit down for a minute and try to calm down.

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