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When Governments Kill Their Citizens

I don’t think we humans — be we county sheriffs or Supreme Court Justices — have the right to decide who lives or dies.

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Who’s Writing Carly Firoria’s Tweets?

These aren’t the tweets of a twitterer. One tweets in the first person.

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I Volunteer for Tony Hayward’s Job

So, it looks like BP CEO Tony Hayward has his life back.  BP’s Chairman, Carl-Henric Svanberg, the guy who said he really, really cares about the “small people,” sent Hayward back to London today after Hayward spent yesterday in front of a congressional panel saying, in essence, I don’t know anything about what went on or what’s going on.

Tony took home $36.5 million last year.

I’ve volunteered at a food bank for the last year and a half.  I am a “food bank assistant” and I’m charged with making sure there are ample supplies of food on the floor of the food bank (as opposed to in the basement, where stocks are kept) so the shelves and bins can be replenished at a moment’s notice.  I don’t get a dime for what I do.  Yet if I’d been hauled before congress to answer questions about how the food bank works, I could have told the representatives a whole lot more about how the place works than $36.5 Million Tony did.

Outrageous, isn’t it, the imbalance going on around here?

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Wing-Nut Freak-Out Alert

Expect this to be the winger freak-out of the weekend — President Obama as an indulgent, self-absorbed lazy ass who’s blowing off the emergencies he should be dealing with (emergencies created, for the most part by Bushies, but they won’t say that): President Obama Attends Nationals Game:

After hunkering down for several weeks to deal with the oil spill, President Obama finally made it out of the house for some fun – and showed up at the Nationals game on Friday night.

How dare Obama take so much as a moment to have some fun, huh?

As someone who has been a caregiver — of people, not of a nation — I know how important taking a break from the stress is, so good for him! He should be required to do it.

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Oil Coming Up Through Floor of the Gulf

FireDogLake has video of oil spewing up through the floor of the Gulf.  If it is, we have a problem of biblical proportions.

Check it out here.

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Executing Dogs in Baghdad — 2,400 Per Day

Baghdad is a hell hole for dogs:

Amid its struggles with Sunni jihadists, Shiite radicals, and Kurdish separatists, the Iraqi government is training its sights on a new enemy: dogs. According to the UK’s Daily Mail, Iraq is spending 35 million dinars—about $30,000—to send 20 shotgun-wielding squads out to hunt down the capital’s strays. Their goal: Killing one million canines. So far, they’ve scratched 42,000, and they’re averaging 2,400 a day. “We could consider this the biggest campaign of dog execution ever,” Baghdad’s chief veterinarian, Mohammed al-Hilly, told the newspaper.

But there’s a bright side:

With help from animal lovers like the Baghdad Cat Lady and Marine Maj. Brian Dennis and Nubs, hundreds of service members and contractors in Iraq have adopted strays and brought them home. “These men and women are trained to be tough, but when you’ve seen some of what they’ve seen, a lot of that adds up,” says Terri Crisp, who coordinates Operation Baghdad Pups for the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals International (SPCAI). “You can’t share a lot of it with your buddies, if they’re going through the same emotions. You can’t cry, you can’t hug. But you can do all that with a dog.” She assists soldiers who want to bring their adopted pets home with them. It’s a costly and dangerous process, requiring Crisp and her staff to fly with a security detail in and out of Baghdad or Erbil with the animals. So far, the effort has retrieved 265 animals—42 cats and 223 dogs—for families stateside.

Actually, all of Iraq sounds like a hell hole, for people and for dogs.

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If You’re a Foodie, You Probably Hate These Words

The LA Times put together a list of the top ten foodie words foodies hate, starting with foodie.

I don’t mind foodie so much, but I totally agree with “artisanal.”

5. Artisanal: Used to be, artisans were guild members, craftsmen and women who built chairs and baked bread under often Dickensian conditions. These days this adjective is used with the same indescriminate abandon as “natural.” What does it mean? Usually not much except higher prices. Literally, the word (from Latin) means having to do with art. Art. Well, that’s a pretty nonspecific term too. Is a baguette a work of art? Of course it is. Unless it’s a bad baguette, in which case there’s probably a more specific word for that too.

Soooo overused.

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