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I Need a Job

Are you looking for a job — out of work for months?  Feeling the devastation of what Wall Street did to the US and to the global economy?  Pissed off that the big boys got a bailout but you didn’t?

Well, you know what?  Republicans feel your pain.  They think this financial disaster is so insignificant that it’s equivalent to an ant.  Yep.  An ant:  John Boehner [the Republican Leader in the House] Thinks the Global Financial Crisis is “an Ant” in Terms of its Importance.

Oh, and Boehner wants you to work until you’re 70 before you retire and collect the benefits you’ve paid for all your working life — Social Security and Medicare — so we can pay for wars.

Yeah man!  Vote Republican!

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Pam Gorman — What Would Jesus Say About All Those Guns?

Pam Gorman, a Republican candidate for the House in Arizona, uses a whole lot of guns  and shoots a whole lot of bullets in her latest campaign ad (below), during which the announcer says she’s a “conservative Christian?”


Since when was Jesus a gun totting, Uzi shooting killer?

He was a peacemaker.

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Blogging While Drunk

One thing you learn reeeeeeal fast when you have a blog is that you should never, ever post while you’re drunk.  One thing people who trade in commodities should learn — reeeeeeal fast — is that you never, ever trade while drunk:  Oil Broker Banned for Drunk Trading Binge:

Britain’s financial regulator has fined and banned a former broker for manipulating oil prices by buying more than 7 million barrels while on a drinking binge.

The Financial Services Authority (FSA) said it fined Steven Perkins, a former employee of PVM Oil Futures Ltd, 72,000 pounds ($108,000) and banned him from working in financial services for at least five years for carrying out trades without the authority of clients or his employer.

The FSA said Perkins bought huge volumes of Brent crude oil in the early hours of the morning on June 30, 2009 after drinking heavily for several days and then lied repeatedly to his employer to cover up his actions.

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Yippee — Larry King Wants to Spend More Time With His Family

Larry King announced today that, after 25 years on CNN, he’s stepping down in order to have “more time for my wife and I to get to the kids’ little league games.”

(Yeah right.  Larry and his wife are so happy that she attempted suicide in May.)

What I want to know is what does it say about our society that he stayed on the air for 25 years.

IMHO, he’s a bimbo.

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U.S. to Accept Foreign Help in Oil Spill


Bottom line is that BP ain’t gettin’ the job done.  Why it took the administration so long to realize that they couldn’t/wouldn’t is something I’ll leave to the psychologists.

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Now Republicans Are Rejecting Benefits for Veterans

Flash back to the Bush years when the Republicans were spending willy nilly.  Now imagine the uproar that would have ensued had a Democrat done thisduring a time of war:”

In his [faux, I might add] zeal for deficit reduction, Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) has objected to Sen. Patty Murray’s (D-Wash.) bill to provide benefits to homeless woman veterans and homeless veterans with children.

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One of the World’s Bravest Journalists

Given the sorry, sorry state of so-called journalism in the US, it’s good to know that in fact, there still are real journalists out there.  Like Chouchou Namegabe, a Congolese journalist:

When Chouchou Namegabe launched a radio talk show to air the testimonies of rape survivors, she knew it would provoke outrage across Congo. And sure enough, as soon as the first interview aired, she was overwhelmed by criticism. People would yell at her on the street: “How dare you talk about sex on the airwaves?”

After all, this was a culture that didn’t even have a word for rape and had to borrow one—ubakaji—from neighboring Tanzania.

But what Namegabe didn’t anticipate was the huge outpouring of support from women who had been sexually brutalized. The day after her first show aired in 2001, three women knocked on the door of Maendeleo, the only radio station in Congo brave enough to broadcast Namegabe’s interviews with rape victims. The women were limping from pain, their eyes full of fear and tears.

What a bittersweet story.  And, bravo for Namegabe.

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