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The Black Panther “Scandal” — a GOP Ploy to Bring Down Eric Holder and Barack Obama

A former Bush administration official tells it like it is when it comes to the Black Panther “scandal” Fox News has been ranting about non-stop for the last few weeks:

A scholar whom President George W. Bush appointed as vice chairwoman of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, Abigail Thernstrom has a reputation as a tough conservative critic of affirmative action and politically correct positions on race.

But when it comes to the investigation that the Republican-dominated commission is now conducting into the Justice Department’s  handling of an alleged incident of voter intimidation involving the New Black Panther Party — a controversy that has consumed conservative media in recent months — Thernstrom has made a dramatic break from her usual allies.

“This doesn’t have to do with the Black Panthers; this has to do with their fantasies about how they could use this issue to topple the [Obama] administration,” said Thernstrom, who said members of the commission voiced their political aims “in the initial discussions” of the Panther case last year.

“My fellow conservatives on the commission had this wild notion they could bring Eric Holder down and really damage the president,” Thernstrom said in an interview with POLITICO.

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Proof That Sarah Palin Writes Her Own Tweets

This settles it:

I think Sarah was trying to get to “repudiate” all while thinking it is a derivative of “refute.” Sad.  And she was a journalism major?

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Good Morning

It’s a good morning because a friend forwarded this link to me so I started the day off with a chuckle.

(H/t MM.)

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