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Michael Bennet — Read This Before You Vote For Him

Michael Bennet,  the appointed senator from Colorado (he had ah, connections) is asking Colorado voters to elect him for the first time on Tuesday.

Colorado, think about this before you cast your vote:

In a massive and well-researched story, the New York Times tonight dealt the potential death-blow to Sen. Michael Bennet’s already-struggling campaign for reelection. Just four days before the end of Colorado Democratic primary voting, the story (complete with Bennet’s mug shot) details how in 2005 Bennet left his job as a corporate raider for right-wing billionaire Philip Anschutz and promptly orchestrated a deal with JP Morgan that destroyed the Denver Public Schools’ balance sheet – and made JP Morgan millions.

Oh, and Barack  — “change you can believe in” — Obama  endorsed this crook.


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Ah, Basil Marceaux Lost

Remember Basil Marceaux, the quintessential 21st century Republican who was running for governor in Tennessee?

Well, he lost.

A guy named Haslam — HASLAM?  What?  Is he a Muslim? Where is his birth certificate? — won.

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Dan Maes – Colorado Tea Partier – Would Sack 4,000 Workers, Pollute Colorado’s Water

Hey Colorado Tea Partiers — vote against your own interests:

Republican gubernatorial candidate Dan Maes said Thursday he would lay off as many as 4,000 state employees if elected and force a showdown with the federal government over drilling for gas and oil.

Dan Maes told the Denver Petroleum Club he would cut at least 2,000 workers “just like that” from the state budget, with projected savings of $200 million.

He didn’t specify which agencies would see layoffs.

Maes also called for a confrontation with the federal government over energy drilling. He challenged Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, a former U.S. senator from Colorado, saying the Department of the Interior had blocked businesses with drilling permits from going forward.

“If you have a drilling permit for the Roan Plateau, then drill. And if Ken Salazar doesn’t like it, he can come and see me in Denver,” Maes said.

Colorado relies on tourism for much of its income so hell yeah, let’s turn the whole state into Colorado Springs and drill baby drill — pump oil into that Rocky Mountain spring water.

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Hosea Rosenberg and Food Carts

I love the concept of street carts — funky, delicious food served out of a truck.

Hosea Rosenberg, the winner of “Top Chef Season 5” is the guy behind Boulder’s incarnation of this trend.  (I’d have gone for streEATchefs but that’ another story.)

His pulled pork sandwich with cole slaw? My husband and I loved it so much we almost cried when we were finished.  De. Lic. Ious.

I’m following him around — want to try his Banh Mi, which “some say” will blow your mind.

(Can’t wait for that!)

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Obama — Stay Out of the Colorado Democratic Primary

Colorado is in the midst of a primary.  The “vote” is Tuesday though most counties in the state have mail-in ballots so the vote is actually happening as we speak.

In the race for senate, on the Democratic side, it’s pretty much neck-and-neck.  On one side is the appointed Senator Michael Bennet (he filled the unpopular Ken Salazar’s seat when Obama appointed Salazar to be Secretary of the Interior).  Colorado Democrats were miffed when Governor Bill Ritter appointed Bennet — who was the Superintendent of Denver Public Schools — and for all intents and purposes, someone nobody had ever heard of.  The thinking was, and still is, that Bennet had “connections,” if you know what I mean.

Bennet’s opponent, Andrew Romanoff, is a popular local Democrat who served four terms in the Colorado state legislature, four  of those years as Speaker of the House.

Romanoff has not accepted any PAC money.  As a matter of fact, he sold his house in Denver a few weeks ago and donated the proceeds to his campaign.

Bennet on the other hand, “is one of the top recipients of big oil money in the U.S. Congress—actually number two among Senate Democrats on the ballot this year—behind Blanche Lincoln.”

In September of last year, President Obama endorsed Senator Bennet, infuriating many Colorado Democrats, including me.  Hey, I’m fine with the President endorsing a candidate but I’m not fine with it being done during the primary.  I see the primary as a matter that involves the people of any given state. National politicians should stay away until the voters decide.

Anyway, rumor has it that Obama’s coming to Colorado this weekend because again, big-money-Bennet has run an awful campaign and he and Romanoff are neck-and-neck.

Obama — stay out of it!  Let us decide this and then you can come here and campaign for the winner.

And as an aside, I wouldn’t be surprised, given the monumental disappointment in Obama, if he doesn’t end up hurting Bennet.  At least, that’s what I secretly hope because Bennet is another corporate-owned lackey and we’ve got enough of them in D.C.  (Telling, isn’t it, that Mr. Change We Can Believe In endorsed him?)

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Political Cartoon of the Day

Which is the Gay One?

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Signe Seen at a Tee Partie Raly Today

This sign was spotted at a Tea Party rally in Chicago today.

How many misspellings can one sign contain?

I find three.  Who knows what’s hidden behind that woman’s head.

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