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CNN’s Rick Sanchez — Get a Brain

This would be CNN”s Rick Sanchez tonight interviewing Alan Grayson (D-FL) about Robert Gibbs’ rant about the “professional left:”

You know here’s what’s interesting.  If you listen to Reublicans, they’ll tell you that this president, and Gibbs, and everybody who is around him in this administration are oh, complete lefties. I keep hearing this every day.  The most liberal president and administration in the history of the United States. Some go as far as to call him communist.

Yo, Rickie.  You “keep hearing this every day?”

You’re being BRAIN. WASHED.

Who — ah, hello —  other than radical rightie extremists, would say that Obama is the “most liberal president” in the “history of the United States” and he’s a commie to boot?

What.  Kind.  Of.  People.  Do. You. Hang. Around.  With.  Such.  That.  You.  Keep. Hearing.  This.   “Every day?”

Oh, and do you ever do any independent research to confirm this or that?

I didn’t think so.

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We’re All Immigrants Now

Start packing your bags (me included):

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Robert Gibbs’ Misplaced Rage

Lawrence Lessig speaks!  Always, always, always want to read his stuff:

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs has been slapped around silly by commentator after commentator, decrying his anti-Lefty rage. But as I read the battle, it seems to miss a pretty fundamental point:

It’s certainly not fair to criticize Obama for not being a Lefty. He wasn’t ever a Lefty. He didn’t promise to be a Lefty. And there’s no reason to expect that he would ever become a Lefty.

But Lefties (like me) who criticize Obama are not criticizing him for failing our Lefty test. Our criticism is that Obama is failing the Obama test: that he is not delivering the presidency that he promised.

When Candidate Obama took on Hilary Clinton, he was quite clear about what he thought about the way Washington works. And he was quite clear about why he was running for President.


Once Obama clinched the nomination, however, his rhetoric changed. And as he came to office, his focus, as a senior administration official explained, was to clean up the Executive, and leave to Congress the problem of cleaning up Congress (begging the obvious question: Does the President believe the problem with Washington is the presidency, and not Congress?)

Since coming to power, Obama has pushed just one piece of legislation that would have any effect at all on the power of lobbyists over Congress. That bill has not passed, and even if it had, it would have changed nothing in the lobbyists’ power. He has not even indicated that he would support the only substantial reform of lobbyists power with support in Congress today — the Fair Elections Now Act. Indeed, “congressional reform” doesn’t even merit a mention on the “Additional Issues” page of the (though “sportsmen” does).

Obama’s strategy as president has not been to “change the way Washington works.” Rather, he has pushed reforms in the same old way, with the same old games.


But beefed up Clintonism is not what Obama promised. He promised to “take up the fight.” His failure to deliver on that critical promise — the promise that distinguished him from his main primary rival — or even to try, is a failure that everyone, Lefties included, should be free to complain about without suffering the rage of Gibbs.


Obama — if you don’t bust out of the Emanuel-Gibbs-Alxelrod-Summers-Geitner bubble you’re a one-term president.  You’ll spend your “retirement” reading books about how if you’d been true to your promises — there’s still time! — you would have been a superstar.

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The 9/11, Anti-Mosque Crowd Hates the Constitution

The American Taliban would have us ban religions it doesn’t like, just like the Taliban and sympathetic governments in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia do:

I’m not sure you could ask for a clearer illustration of the absurdity of the anti-mosque camp’s antics than this.

A group leading the charge against the Islamic center near Ground Zero has been granted the right to run ads on New York buses opposing the center — and is claiming this as a free speech victory for the Constitution.

That would be the same Constitution that guarantees religious freedom, of course.

(Emphasis added.)

Is it any wonder the right opposes pay for teachers?  Wouldn’t want our kids to know what’s constitutionally guaranteed, right — as in RELIGIOUS FREEDOM?

Seriously. Religious freedom is such a fundamental and basic tenant upon which this country was built.

It’s unreal and depressing to me that any notion whatsoever of banning a religion is catching on here in the U.S.

Very, very dangerous.

Your religion could be next.

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Tweet of the Day

Couldn’t agree more:

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“The Kiss” Statue in New York’s Times Square

I love this story:

Known to many simply as “The Kiss,” an iconic V-J Day smooch is now remembered in Times Square.

A 26-feet-tall statute of a sailor kissing a nurse was installed on 44th Street and Broadway. It is a recreation of the famous Life Magazine photograph by Alfred Eisenstaedt that became a symbol of the celebration of the end of World War II.

This is the original photograph:

And this is a screenshot of the statue, taken from a video at the link above:

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“Imported” Clothing

The fall catalogues are starting to come in by the bushel.  I was looking at one a little while ago — Garnet Hill — and I noticed that the description of most of the clothing includes, “Imported.”

I’m willing to bet that “imported” means made in China or Vietnam or Malaysia but natch, they don’t want to say that.  “Imported,” of course, sounds so much better (but maybe not for long).


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