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Christine O’Donnell (R-Crazy) Studied at Oxford?

I don’t get it.  The GOP thinks being dumb is a good thing yet their new darling — Christine O’Donnell — claims she studied at Oxford?

At Oxford?

Yikes!  That’s in Europe.  You can probably see freedom fries French fries from there.

Liberal commies like Rachel Maddow and Bill Clinton actually did study there so why would a Tea Partier like O’Donnell lie brag about studying there too?

Makes no sense but then again, the GOP makes no sense these days either.

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Dick Morris and Sean Hannity Talk About “Standing on Principle?”

Morris and Hannity have a combined lifespan of roughly 100 years but “standing on principle” isn’t an issue either of them have addressed while waiting for the Rapture.

Can’t wait to see the YouTube video of them pleading their case at the pearly gates.

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Today’s Inequality Report

The second heads up I thought I’d throw out tonight (aside from the one below) is this “Inequality Report.”

Lots of info here at “The Equality Trust” about people who live in dramatically unequal societies, like the United States.

Huge gaps in equality in a society cause citizens to suffer tremendous amounts of stress in terms of mental health, drug abuse, education, obesity, violence, and the well-being of their children.

Click around.  There’s lots of info fascinating there.

The corporatocracy that has evolved in the United States is not only killing our jobs, but it’s literally killing us.

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How Has Our Society Changed? Look at Your Kitchen

Two heads up tonight.  First, this one:  To See How Our Society Has Changed, Look at Your Kitchen.

A new exhibit at MoMA shows that you are where you eat. We talk with one of the curators about world-changing designs in the kitchen.

Consider the kitchen: After the bedroom, it’s the most fraught room in the house, a place of both technological innovation and gender anachronisms, of luxury and provision, of gastronomical pleasure and, occasionally, discomfort.
Counter Space: Design and the Modern Kitchen
, a new exhibit at MoMA, tracks how kitchen design has evolved in the past century or so, from assembly line-like layouts during Industrialization to the proliferation of Tupperware after World War II and beyond.

If there’s a theme to it all, it’s that kitchens and what’s inside them have always echoed, and at times rebuked, the political, social, and economic tenor of the times.

It’s a long-ish article but worth it if you love spending time in the kitchen — cooking and ah, eating!

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Ready for Another Ten Years in Afghanistan?

You think we’re broke and exhausted now?  How about ten more years in Afghanistan:  Petraeus:  Afghan War Could Take Another Decade.


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America Agrees With the Hippies Who Opposed the Invasion of Iraq

New NYT/CBS News poll:

Question #81:  Do you think the result of the invasion of war with Iraq was wroth the loss of American lives and other costs of attacking Iraq, or not?

Worth it: 23%

Not worth it: 71%

Don’t know/no answer: 6%

What a tragedy.

What a waste of lives and money and energy.

Some of us saw this writing on the wall before the invasion even began.

I was one of those on the streets trying to stop it but nobody would listen.

Hate to say it but I told you so America.

Millions of us did.

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The Democratic Party’s New Logo Sucks

The DNC unveiled a redesigned website and logo overnight.  If you ask me, the logo sucks:

The first thing I thought of when I saw it was that it looks like a target one would use in a game of archery:

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