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Saxby Chambliss’s Staffer: “All Faggots Must Die”

This is what we get when hate permeates the air as it obviously does at Saxby Chambliss’s office:

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Break a Leg

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Sarah Palin Says Quitting is Smart

Sarah Palin today:

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Tweet of the Day — Let Them Eat Cake!

There are no words:

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Fox’s In-Kind Campaign Contributions — Shocking New Revelation!

In 2006 and beyond, I was screaming about the in-kind campaign contributions Fox “News” was making to Republicans.

Tonight, Keith Olbermann ran with the story, acting like it was shocking, new news.

Jesus.  H.  Christ.

Outfoxed:  Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism was released in 2004.  It clearly showed Fox’s preferential treatment of Republican candidates in that year of the Kerry/Bush campaign.

Robert Greenwald, the producer, went to Washington and showed it to Democratic congresspeople.  What did they do?  Nothing.

So here we are — six years later.

Finally.  Finally!  Someone with a big voice brings this outrageous fact into the light but it might be too late.

It’s been an agonizing exercise in frustration for me to see this issue go untouched for so long.

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Michael Bennet Crapped on the Democratic Base and it Ain’t Workin’ So Well For Him

Ken Buck, a Tea Party wingnut, is running for the Senate in Colorado against Michael Bennet.  The seat was vacated by Democrat Ken Salazar, who Obama appointed as Secretary of the Interior immediately after his inauguration.  Colorado’s Democratic Governor, Bill Ritter appointed Bennet to Salizar’s seat out of the blue, passing over other long-time, popular, hard-working Democrats.

Bennet has been a huge disappointment — a DINO.  Yet Obama endorsed him prior to the primary (which really ticked people off — fine if Obama wants to endorse after the primary but excuse me — let the primary happen first) and he won in a hard-fought race against Andrew Romanoff.

So, here we are, six weeks away from the election.  Democrats couldn’t be less enthusiastic but Tea Partiers are all fired up because Buck is all for ahem, “small government,” which he translates into, for example, wanting to hand the Veteran’s Administration over to his corporate friends and stepping into Colorado bedrooms and family planning discussions by banning abortions and birth control.

Can you imagine?  BANNING BIRTH CONTROL?!

Anyway, a new Time/CNN/Opinion research poll shows Buck ahead of Bennet, 49/44.

If people want a conservative, they vote for Buck.  If people want a true Democrat, they have nowhere to go so they tune out and stay home.

Way to go establishment “Dems!”  You made a royal mess of this.

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Gen. David Petraeus Needs to Understand He Works For Obama, Not Vice Versa

Get this quote from Bob Woodward’s new book, Obama’s Wars:

During a fight in May, after a glass of wine, Petraeus told his own staffers that the administration was ‘[expletive] with the wrong guy’.

If Gen. David Petraeus can’t get that Obama is the Commander in Chief, and that he — Petraeus — works for Obama, not vice versa, Obama should fire him.

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