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Russ Feingold and Ron Johnson Debating Now, on C-Span


UPDATE:  WTF?  Feingold is touting the fact that he voted for John Roberts — Chief Justice of the Supreme Court — the court that brought us Citizens United.

He’s trying to get Repugs/Indies to vote for him instead of playing to his massive base.


Wimpy, wimpy, wimpy Dems.

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Dallas — Say Goodbye to Your Jobs

Yo, Dallas — the “small business” people who “create jobs?”  Take a look at what they’re tweeting tonight:

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John Lennon at 70

Tomorrow would have been John Lennon’s 70th birthday.  This is what he might look like were he alive day:

Can’t help but wonder what he would have done with the 30 years that were taken away from him.

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Chris Matthews Uses Unattributed Audio on “Hardball”

This is so low — from Greg Sargent of ThePlumLine:



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Kenneth Feinberg — Why Should He Hurry To Settle BP Damage Claims?

Back in September we got news that the Justice Department was joining other critics of Kenneth Feinberg, the Obama-appointed head of the “Gulf Coast Claims Facility,” for his slow pace at meting out payments for BP oil spill damage claims.

Today it seems pretty darn obvious why Feinberg is taking his sweet ol’ time:

Kenneth Feinberg and his law firm have been paid more than $2.5 million in 3 1/2 months to administer the $20 billion fund set up by BP Plc to compensate victims of its oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.


The $850,000 monthly payments to Feinberg’s firm will continue through year-end and then will be reviewed, a person familiar with the contract said today.

The money goes to seven professionals at Feinberg’s firm and is paid by BP separately from the fund to help victims, according to the person, who spoke on condition of anonymity about details not spelled out in today’s report. Among those being paid is Feinberg’s brother David, according to the report. David Feinberg is listed on the firm’s website as director of special projects.

(My emphasis.)

Pretty nice gig if you can get it, huh?

And in the end of course, the people who suffer the most are the fishermen and the mom and pop restauranteurs who are waiting for their claims to be settled — all while Feinberg soaks up that $850,000 monthly paycheck.  He has no incentive whatsoever to hurry.

What a freakin’ racket.

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CNN’s New Show, “Parker-Spitzer,” Obsessed With Sarah Palin

Ah yes, good ol’ “liberal” CNN:

(I presume Byron York is the one who did the counting as this tweet is from him and he does not cite an outside source.)


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Awesome Volcano Footage

Check out this video looking down into the opening of a volcano, from just feet away.  Incredible.

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