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Time for Some R & R

(My pic — north of San Fran.)

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The DNC’s Fail re Citizens United

I just saw Tim Kaine on Countdown.

Kaine is the incompetent, out-of-touch head of the Democratic National Committee (DNC).  (Just what we need in a year like this.)

Olbermann asked Kaine what the DNC was going to do about the money pouring into Republican campaigns as a result of Citizens United. Kaine said, “we’re going to talk about it.”

We’re going to talk about it?”

Yo, Tim.  The election is less than three weeks away.


(I’m just a lil’ ol’ citizen trying to stay informed and this is what I saw coming 13 months ago.  I don’t know what Kaine’s salary is but I don’t think he’s earned it.)

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Obama’s Delusional Hope of Cooperation From Republicans

President Obama has been in office for almost two years.  During that time, he has received essentially no cooperation or compromise whatsoever from Republicans.

So, what has he learned?  Obama Says He’ll Expect More from the GOP:

Regardless of the outcome of the November midterm elections, President Obama said he’ll expect more cooperation from Republicans.

In an interview with The New York Times, Obama said Republicans will either be chastened by falling short of electoral goals or will have to bear the burden of leadership if they are able to win back either the House or the Senate, or both.

“It may be that regardless of what happens after this election, they feel more responsible, either because they didn’t do as well as they anticipated, and so the strategy of just saying no to everything and sitting on the sidelines and throwing bombs didn’t work for them,” the president said.

Seems to me, given the polls regarding the November election, “just saying no to everything and sitting on the sidelines and throwing bombs” is working spectacularly well for them.

That aside, I just got a heads up via an email from Newsmax about this:  GOP Will Impeach Obama, Scandal TBA:

Hear me now and believe me later: If Republicans win and maintain control of the House of Representatives, they are going to impeach President Obama.

And there’s this from the right wing Washington Post five months ago:

I’ve been asking for guesses about when the first impeachment resolution will be filed in the House (leave your prediction here). To be fair, I’ve already been wrong about one thing — I predicted that Michele Bachmann would have introduced a resolution by now (actually, I predicted April 15). So perhaps I’m just as much of an alarmist as those Republicans who believed that a Pelosi-led House would impeach George W. Bush in 2007. Perhaps! But I don’t think so. In fact, impeachment talk moved yesterday from Tea Party rallies to at least one Republican Member of the House, Darrell Issa. And Issa’s not an obscure backbencher; he’s the ranking Republican on Oversight and Government Reform, and he also sits on the Judiciary Committee.

So Obama, what universe are you living in?

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The Disney Co.’s Fake Bipartisanship

Some news organizations, like NPR, NBC and ABC are prohibiting their employees from participating in John Stewart’s “Rally to Restore Sanity” set for October 30 in Washington, D.C.  Wouldn’t want them to appear partisan or anything now would we?

But, in the case of ABC — which is owned by the Disney Co., — it’s okay for the company itself to donate $578,000 to the Florida GOP:

Mickey Mouse appears to be quite fond of state Rep. Dean Cannon.

Shortly after Cannon, a Winter Park Republican in line to be the next speaker of Florida’s House of Representatives, opened his campaign for re-election last year, Walt Disney World wrote him a check for $500, the maximum amount allowed by state law.

Disney didn’t stop there. In February, according to state campaign-finance records, the giant resort gave Cannon eight more checks worth $500 apiece — each one issued by a different Disney entity, from its time-share unit to its cruise line to its gift-card processor.

And Cannon isn’t the only candidate benefitting from Mickey’s generosity. Records show that Disney has used its myriad corporate affiliates — with names such as Disney Photo Imaging LLC and Magic Kingdom Inc. — to rain checks on state legislators from Miami to the Panhandle.

Boycott Disney Co.

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So, Obama’s Meeting With Condoleezza Rice Today

So, Obama is meeting with Condoleezza Rice today, huh?

Glenn Greenwald tells it like it is:

I realize this is very childish, shrill and unpragmatic of me.  All Serious people know that it’s critical to let Bygones be Bygones and that Serious National Security officials must meet with one another across partisan lines to share their wisdom and insights.  Still, the fact that Obama is not only shielding from all accountability, but meeting in the Oval Office with, the person who presided over the Bush White House’s torture-approval-and-choreographing meetings and who was responsible for the single most fear-mongering claim leading to the Iraq War, speaks volumes about the accountability-free nature of Washington culture and this White House.

John Aschroft was probably right that “history will not judge kindly” what these Rice-led officials did.  But that’s obviously not true of contemporary amoral Washington or its current President.

Not only that, but who the hell’s advising Obama these days?  Yesterday he filed an appeal of the DADT ruling and today he’s meeting with Condoleezza Rice, less that three weeks before an election while simultaneously yelling at Democrats to get pumped up. Great way to motivate the base Obama.

Is it unmitigated arrogance or rank stupidity that’s going on here?

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Trailer for Sarah Palin’s TLC “Reality Show”

FYI – Talking Points Memo has the video trailer for Sarah Palin’s TLC “reality show,” which premieres on November 14.

No comment, as I haven’t watched it and I don’t plan to.

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White People Are the Real Victims of Racism!

Vote Republican!

A taste:

I’m not saying Barack Obama is a foreign-born Islamist puppy-eater.  I’m not saying that.

I’m saying, you decide.

There’s no evidence to suggest that Nancy Pelosi is a 1,000-year-old Nazi vampire, but that’s what I heard.

Somebody said that.  It was me.


Government is the problem.

Vote for us and we’ll prove it.

Make the time to watch.

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