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Bravo to WikiLeaks for Restoring Distrust in the U.S. Government

Bravo to WikiLeaks for restoring distrust in the U.S.government:

International scandals—such as the one precipitated by this week’s WikiLeaks cable dump—serve us by illustrating how our governments work. Better than any civics textbook, revisionist history, political speech, bumper sticker, or five-part investigative series, an international scandal unmasks presidents and kings, military commanders and buck privates, cabinet secretaries and diplomats, corporate leaders and bankers, and arms-makers and arms-merchants as the bunglers, liars, and double-dealers they are.


As the Economist put it yesterday, “secrecy is necessary for national security and effective diplomacy.” But it “is also inevitable that the prerogative of secrecy will be used to hide the misdeeds of the permanent state and its privileged agents.”

Assange and WikiLeaks, while not perfect, have punctured the prerogative of secrecy with their recent revelations. The untold story is that while doing the United States’ allies, adversaries, and enemies a favor with his leaks, he’s doing the United States the biggest favor by holding it accountable.

Moral of the story?  Never, ever, trust what the government tells you. (Listen up Tea Partiers.)

November 30, 2010 at 9:39 PM 1 comment

Are Democrats Sick of Having D.C. “Democrats” Stomp on Their Face Yet?

Just asking.

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Obama Favors Extending Tax Cuts for Millionaires

Howard Fineman just now on Countdown (paraphrasing):  “Everybody in this town knows that President Obama favors extending the tax cuts to average Americans and the wealthy.”

So, Obama has pimped us again and our letter-writing campaigns and phone calls are a waste of time.

Fool me once — as in the fight over the public option (or Gitmo, Afghanistan, Iraq, DADT) — fool me twice and  I’ll put food on my family.

Yeah.  I’m losing it.

I am so, so, so discouraged.

I mean, I didn’t dream it. Obama vowed — during the campaign — to rescind tax cuts for people making over $250,000.

November 30, 2010 at 8:25 PM 2 comments

143 House Republicans Vote Against Extending Unemployment Benefits

800,000 Americans will lose their unemployment benefits at midnight tonight because 142 Republicans and 11 Democrats voted not to extend their benefits.

237 Democrats and 21 Republicans voted in favor of the bill.

15 chickenshit Republicans and 7 chickenshit Democrats didn’t vote.

I volunteer at a food bank.  Looks like we’re going to have more clients than ever (we’re already overwhelmed): Food Banks Bracing For End of Extended Unemployment Benefits.

Thanks, you heartless assholes.  You have ice in your veins.

Perfect timing: How the Grinch Stole Christmas is going to be on the teevee tonight.

November 30, 2010 at 6:52 PM 5 comments

Deconstructing the Rolling Stones’ “Gimme Shelter”

Check out the insanely cool deconstruction of the Rolling Stones’ “Gimme Shelter” (from the Let it Bleed album) over at Dangerous Minds — separate tracks for vocals (perfection), the drums and Keith Richards’ kick ass rhythm guitar track.



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Scary Fox News Ad From November, 2008

Have you ever seen this ad for Fox News?  Fox released it just weeks after the ’08 election.

Checkout the explosions. The fires. The terror, despair and anger in people’s faces. Listen to the music. Note the countdown at the end (10, 9, 8, etc.) and the explosion that caps it all off. Oh, and look – the only nationally known people pictured are Joe Biden, Rahm Emanuel and Barack Obama.

I posted it at the Newshounds on November 25, 2008 (before Obama was inaugurated) after having seen it two days in a row.  It was so out of the norm for them that the first time I saw it I, well, I wasn’t sure what I’d seen.  It took a second time before I realized they were serious and it was in fact a Fox News promo.

I stumbled upon it just now and thought I’d put it up here.

Turns out, it set the stage for the dark, scary picture Fox has painted of Obama ever since.

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Glenn Beck Doesn’t Understand the Difference Between Wikipedia and WikiLeaks

Oh dear God.  There is no connection whatsoever between Wikipedia and WikiLeaks but Professor Glenn Beck doesn’t seem to grasp that.  Hey, they sound the same so they must be the same, right?

I know being stupid is in vogue on the right these days but sometimes you know, it isn’t all that impressive.

(While I was blogging at the Newhounds, Fox defenders would troll the pages and jump on me (and all of us) if I so much as misplaced a comma.  Yes, they were sticklers for perfection, claiming that any mistake showed how dumb I was.  If I misplaced a comma then I was surely totally sloppy about the facts too so nothing I wrote could be believed.  But heh, if Glenn Beck doesn’t know the difference between two huge websites, no problem.)

November 30, 2010 at 4:40 PM 1 comment

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