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Joe Miller and Hanging Chads

Oh jeez — I think we’re headed toward counting hanging chads again:

GOP nominee Joe Miller is asking a federal judge to keep the state from using discretion in counting write-in ballots in Alaska’s hotly contested Senate race.
Miller’s campaign argues the state should be held to the law, which states a ballot oval must be filled in and either the candidate’s last name or name as it appears on a declaration of candidacy written in. The state has said it will use discretion when it comes to misspellings or variations of Murkowski’s name, with officials pointing to case law as their basis for this.
Officials will follow “case law as their basis for this.”  That means they won’t be “activist judges” and go against prior rulings.  But ah, Miller is asking them to do exactly that. So how does this fit his pro-Constitution, anti-activist-radical-judge stance?
We’ll never know because Miller is a fan of the new winger fad:  Ignorance chic.
Updates as they happen.

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CNN’s Pitiful New Promo: “The Choice is Clear”

Here’s CNN’s new motto / promo — whatever you want to call it:  “The Choice is Clear.”

(Please ignore the gobbledygook ▼ below.  I can’t figure out how to erase it without deleting the video.)

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If you ask me, it ain’t gonna fly.

They shouldn’t reach out to “voters,” they should reach out to news junkies and do what they used to do better than anyone else.

They have the infrastructure and the ability to provide real news — local, national and international —  as in facts and information, like they did in the early ’90’s.  It was great.  I was addicted.  But there’s no real news on television in the US anymore.  Literally.  (Unless you subscribe to the highest, most expensive tier on cable.)

Sad.  CNN could fill a void that I think there’s a real hunger for.

(H/t:  CNNObservations.)

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Tucker Carlson is the New Andrew Breitbart

The right seems to have lost all sense of ethics, boundaries and decorum:

Tucker Carlson boasted in July that his site, the Daily Caller, had bought the domain name for liberal MSNBC host Keith Olbermann. Carlson, a conservative journalist and pundit, even said he would start using the email address keith@keitholbermann as a gag.

So it was interesting to see that Olbermann allegedly sent some angry emails to the Philadelphia Daily News‘ Stu Bykofsky using the email address, which published the exchange, claimed it was “guaranteed 100% for real.”And Bykofsky later confirmed to media industry watcher Jim Romenesko that he was writing to, which he believed to be Olbermann.

Although emails were indeed sent back and forth, it wasn’t Olbermann on the other end.

An MSNBC spokesman confirmed the emails are fake, and Olbermann responded in a statement to The Upshot: “Mr. Bykofsky has been, I would suggest, hoist on his own petard.”


Carlson, reached by phone Tuesday night, confirmed he impersonated Olbermann in the email responses to Bykofsky.

“Could you resist?” Carlson said.  “It was just too funny. The flesh is weak.”

Carlson said he didn’t expect the email exchange to be published.

Yeah, “too funny.”

Tucker, you’re on the road to Breitbartdom, and I don’t mean that as a complement.  You’re on the road to discrediting and destroying yourself.


You’ve been lucky in that you’ve had as long a run as you’ve had.

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Hire Me as the University of Colorado’s New Football Coach

The University of Colorado at Boulder fired its head football coach, Dan Hawkins today.  “Hawkins finishes 19-39 at CU and failed to post a winning season in five years.”  Hawkins’ tenure, “will go down in Colorado history as one of the worst ever.”

It will cost CU, “about $1.8 million this time around to buy up the remainder of his contract.”

I can’t find info as to how much CU has already paid Hawkins but hey, even though I have absolutely no experience playing or coaching football, I’m willing to bet I can win 19 games in five years, and I’ll do it for the low, low price of $1.8 million.

My god.  In these lean times, it’s insane the way millions of dollars are thrown around here and there for total incompetence (think Wall Street).  If I worked at a job and did what I was paid to do a mere third of the time, I really don’t think I’d last five years (nor would I expect to).

But never mind those pesky details.  CU, consider this my formal application.

Call me!

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Break Time

This is great.

As a kid, I always wanted a giant stuffed animal.  This would have blown my socks off.

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Bobby Ray Dixon – Rest in Peace

This is upsetting on so many levels:

Bobby Ray Dixon has died of cancer — less than two months after he was exonerated of a crime for which he spent more than half his life in prison but didn’t commit.

“I just thank God that he didn’t suffer,” said Dixon’s brother, Jerry.

The funeral for Dixon, 53, who died Sunday, is set for 2 p.m. Saturday at New Zion Baptist Church in Hattiesburg. Visitation starts at 10 a.m.

On Sept. 16, Forrest County Circuit Judge Bob Helfrich threw out the convictions of Dixon and Phillip Bivens based on DNA testing. Larry Ruffin, the third man convicted in the crime, died in 2002.

“I’m glad he got to get out and spend time with his family,” said Jackson lawyer Rob McDuff, who successfully argued their case.

“Bobby Ray Dixon spent 30 of his 53 years in prison for a crime he did not commit,” said Emily Maw, director of the Innocence Project in New Orleans, who last visited Dixon Thursday. “His untimely death comes as one more tragedy in a case that began with the horrific murder of Eva Gail Patterson and then took the freedom of three innocent men, two of whom have not lived to see this case to resolution.”

Because Dixon had a terminal case of lung cancer, Mississippi prison officials freed him.

An ambulance delivered Dixon to his brother’s home at 7:20 a.m. Aug. 20.

Dixon was in such poor physical condition, “I picked him off the stretcher and literally carried him inside,” his brother said.

When Dixon first arrived, he had to use a wheelchair. His condition improved, and he began using a cane instead.

“We were overjoyed,” his brother said. “He was just about putting the cane down when he took a turn for the worse.”

The cancer that began in his lungs also spread to his brain and liver.

“I was really upset at first,” his brother said. “I was mad at God for awhile.”

Dear Mr. Dixon:  I apologize for what my country — our country — did to you.  It was and is horrific.

Thank god for the Innocence Project.  If it weren’t for them, he’d have died in prison.

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Amazing Photos of Devastation Caused by Indonesia’s Mount Merapi

We aren’t hearing much about the eruption of Mount Merapi in Indonesia, which is pretty amazing, given that there is terrible destruction there, which 24/7 cable “news” loves.  But then again, we are talking a foreign country and when some Americans think Hawaii’s a foreign country, Indonesia might as well be on another planet.

Anyway, check out these amazing pictures of ash and grayness everywhere.

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