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Love this:

(H/t N.A. via.)

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Richard Holbrooke — Fair and Balanced

Richard Holbrooke, President Obama’s Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, died today at the age of 69. Way too young.  My condolences to his family and friends.

The corporate media is lauding Holbrooke as a hero.  For example, Andrea Mitchell, Alan Greenspan’s wife, was on The Rachel Maddow show a few minutes ago touting Holbrooke’s accomplishments.  Granted, they were friends so I understand but while you listen to D.C. insiders talk about how wonderful Holbrooke was, you might want to balance their words with insights from the likes of Jeremy Scahill.

More perspectives on Holbrooke’s life will surface as people feel free to come out of the shadows which will, of course, take time.

UPDATE #1:  Kwangju Declassified:  Holbrooke’s Legacy — the part that won’t be mentioned.

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Climate Change — Facts are Facts

Yeah, I know, Fox is screaming about how the snow and cold in the northeast is “proof” that climate change is a hoax.

That said, I’m in Boulder, Colorado where we haven’t had any snow (or rain) to speak of yet this fall.  Not only that, it was 68º  today compared to something like 47º in Tampa, Florida so what’s happening doesn’t seem very hoaxie to me.

Anyway, check out this NASA site where they’ve got every graph you could ever want showing things are not at all good.  (Facts are facts folks.)

For example:

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A State Bird? A State Flower? How About a State GUN?

The #1 issue Americans are worrying about these days is jobs.  Jobs. Jobs. Jobs. But hey, a winger in Utah can’t wait to get to the statehouse next month so he can propose legislation to designate…a STATE GUN!

Virtually all states have a state bird, a state flower and a state motto. But Utah soon could be among the first to have an official state firearm — the Browning model 1911 .45-caliber handgun, designed by Utah gun maker John Moses Browning.

State GOP Rep. Carl Wimmer, a former police officer, a life member of the National Rifle Association and an instructor for concealed weapons classes, wants to take a shot at creating that designation when the Legislature convenes next month.

Yep.  Republicans:  Facing those hard issues head on.

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Hate Paying Taxes?

To anyone who visits this site who hates paying taxes, I hope you’ve hired your own private firefighting service in protest over the fact that your local fire department is probably funded by YOUR TAX DOLLARS.  Not only that, firefighters are “government employees” so they’re undoubtedly making waaaaaaay too much money, especially if they belong to a commie union.

Oh, and do you believe in American exceptionalism? Yes?  Well, God can’t do it all by herself:


Hey, I have problems with how some of my tax dollars are spent too but come on.

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Fox News – As Informative as Ever


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Ohioans Don’t Like Obama But They Don’t Like Republicans Even More

This is actually pretty funny:

Voters in Ohio really aren’t too fond of Barack Obama. His approval rating there is only 42%, with 49% of voters disapproving of him. Republicans dislike him (87% disapproval) a whole lot more than Democrats like him (71% approval). Independents are even more negative toward him than the population as a whole, with 54% of them disapproving of him and 40% approving.

Despite all that Obama leads all four of the leading Republicans for reelection in 2012 in Ohio in numbers we’ll release tomorrow.

With his approval numbers where they are Obama shouldn’t be winning in Ohio. Let’s face it- the Republican front runners stink. The GOP’s ability to beat Obama in 2012 probably hinges on someone emerging outside the Palin/Huckabee/Romney/Gingrich pack to win the nomination. If Obama’s leading all those folks right now at a low point for his party and his Presidency, he’ll probably destroy them in 2012 if the economy’s seen any level of recovery. Americans know the top GOP folks- and they just don’t like them. They’re not real thrilled with Obama right now either but they think he’s better than any of those folks.

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