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The DREAM Act Was a Political Ploy to Make Republicans “Appear” Anti-Hispanic?

GOP’er Bill Kristol claimed today that the DREAM Act was a political ploy by Harry Reid and President Obama to make Republicans “appear” to be anti-Hispanic.

Appear?  Appear?

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When You Have to Lie to Sell Stuff

In 1999 I bought a little 4″ x 4″ blank book (this is the cover — love the colors),

and since then I’ve used it to record quotes I like or that I want to think about.

I was looking through it today (trying to clear my desk (wish me luck) in anticipation of the new year), when I came across this:

March 24, 2006:  Retired Air Force Col. Sam Gardiner appearing on DemocracyNow!: “…[W]hen you have to make up stories to sell the thing that you’re trying to defend, you’ve gone down a bad road.”

That one sentence encapsulates the GOP and the Fictional News Channel.  And just think, Col. Gardiner said it before the advent of Sarah Palin, the Tea Party, the Glenn Beckistaners and crybabyism.

If they had a good product they wouldn’t have to lie to sell it.  But they don’t and they do.

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Joe Biden: Fool Me Once, You Can’t Get Fooled Again

What’s that saying they have in Texas?  Our former president used it.  Oh, yeah, it’s:  “Fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.”  So I want to ask Vice President Joe Biden why I should believe him when he says, as he did today on Meet the Press that, when it comes to Afghanistan, “we’re gonna be totally out of there, come hell or high water, by 2014.”

Yo, Joe — I’ve already been “fooled again.”

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Rachael Ray v. Glenn Beck

Just for the heck of it, let’s compare Rachael Ray, the Food Network star, to Glenn Beck:

You may have heard that, “in the spirit of Christmas,” Beck,

will be bringing his radio and TV shows to economically devastated Wilmington, Ohio tomorrow, and he is even inviting residents to join him at his radio show taping. Of course, Beck being the “populist” that he is, will be charging the residents of a county where unemployment is at 15.8%, $125 to attend.

To the surprise of no one, except maybe Beck himself, Glenn is having a bit of trouble selling tickets. Despite the fact that his appearance is tomorrow, seats are available starting in the seventh row of the 999 seat Murphy Theatre. This fact has more to do with the $125 price tag of tickets to watch Beck tape his radio show than it does the popularity of the Fox News host.

You see, Wilmington, Ohio has been devastated by the Great Recession. The town lost 10,000 jobs when their major employer DHL closed down in 2008, and is still mired in an economic nightmare.

Fast forward to 2010, the unemployment rate in Clinton County, where Wilmington is located, sits at 15.8%.  The overall unemployment rate in Ohio is 9.9%.  Into this daily struggle for survival, steps Glenn Beck to spread a little holiday cheer for the small price of $125, or $500 if you would like to personally meet the conservative embodiment of populism.

What a guy, heh?

Compare that to what Rachael Ray did for Wilmington during last year’s holiday season:

Television cooking star Rachael Ray is boosting the local food supply for a struggling Ohio town.

On Saturday, Ray brought a Wilmington soup kitchen new appliances, shelves and furniture. Ray’s show also promised to supply food for the kitchen for the next year.

The soup kitchen is getting as many customers in a day as it did in a week a year ago.

Wilmington is still reeling from the departure of DHL Express and other Wilmington Air Park operations, which has left a 15 percent local unemployment rate in its wake.

On Sunday, the Food Network star hosted an early Thanksgiving feast for the community. The soup kitchen improvements and the Thanksgiving meal are scheduled to be featured on “The Rachael Ray Show” on Nov. 25.

I don’t have a clue as to Rachael Ray’s political preferences, nonetheless I think this illustrates the difference between conservatives and progressives.

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Jesus as Anchor Baby

Tweet of the day:

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About That Guy Who Robbed the Bellagio in Vegas of $1.5 Million in Chips

Did you hear about the guy who robbed the “post” Bellagio resort in Las Vegas of $1.5 million in chips?

Why would anyone do that?  The chips are worthless unless they’re gambled as “money” at the casino, right?  And you buy the chips before you go to the table to gamble.  I mean, nobody walks in with a backpack full of chips.

So, what is this guy thinking?

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Man Kills Shark With His Butt

Hey, I saw it on the Internets:

A Serbian man reportedly has become a hero in Egypt — by accidentally killing a shark with his butt while drunk.

Dragan Stevic was soused to the gills while partying at the Red Sea resort Sharm El Sheikh when he inadvertently felled the beast that had been terrorizing tourists for weeks.

Stevic cannonballed into the water from a high-diving board, according to a Macedonian news agency.

Instead of making a splash, he came down right on the shark’s head, killing the toothed terror instantly.

The fun-loving party boy was immediately touted as a local hero who saved tourist season, which had dried up after the shark had injured three people and killed one vacationer.

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