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The SOTU: High on Fantasy, Low on Facts


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Paul Ryan’s “Limited Government”

Paul Ryan used the words “limited government” at least ten times tonight in his rebuttal to President Obama’s State of the Union address.

Limited government?  Like thisAnd this?  And like “limited government” involving itself in family planning and a woman’s womb?

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Roger Ailes: “Allow Both Points of View”

Quote of the day (grab a hankie — you’ll laugh so hard tears will run down your face):

“You have to be able to allow both points of view.”

— Roger Ailes


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Obama: “We Do Big Things”

President Obama ended his SOTU address tonight with, “We do big things.”

Yes, there was a time when we did, but  — sad to say — we don’t anymore.

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Obama: High Speed Trains by 2035

In his State of the Union address tonight, Obama said we should aim for high speed, transcontinental trains by 2035.

By 20 freakin’ 35?   Is he kidding?  China and Europe have a lock on that now.

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Obama: LOWER the Corporate Tax Rate

Obama says we should LOWER the corporate tax rate here in the U.S.  What the hell?  He’s buying the winger meme that corporate taxes are really, really high — they stifle job creation — even though loopholes make them amongst the lowest in the world.

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John Boehner’s Guests at the SOTU — All African-Americans

Fox just panned the audience with a chyron: “John Boehner’s guests.”  Five or six people — all of them African-Americans.

Panderpaloza or what?

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