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To the Idiots Who Watch Fox

Yo, Fox watchers:  It’s 5:14 a.m. in Cairo, Egypt.  The video of burning cars and crowds that Fox “News” is airing in the US right now is old stuff but they want you to think it’s happening now.

It isn’t.

Want real-time info about what’s going on in Egypt instead of a movie? Go here.

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Act Up Against the Koch Brothers

Heads up to folks in SoCal who don’t think it’s right that corporations and rich people rule the world:

Environmentalists, labor union members and liberal activists across Southern California are mounting a protest Sunday in Rancho Mirage against billionaire “tea party” funders Charles and David Koch and their semiannual confab of conservative activists.

The brothers, who own oil refineries across the U.S., helped fund last November’s Proposition 23, the failed ballot initiative to delay California’s landmark global warming law, AB 32. They are major backers of groups that seek to refute scientific evidence of global climate change.

The Kochs’ regular gatherings attract several hundred Republican officials and wealthy business executives to raise money for conservative causes. In the past, the Koch-sponsored conferences have attracted such luminaries as Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, Supreme Court Justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas along with GOP members of Congress.

The counter-meeting, dubbed “Uncloaking the Kochs,” will feature former Labor Secretary Robert Reich, Oakland green energy activist Van Jones, and constitutional scholar Edwin Chemerinsky at a panel discussion at the Hilton Rancho Mirage, two blocks from where the Koch group is meeting. Protesters will rally afterward on the street.

They look like nice guys but they despise defective you and me small people.

They think they’re special because they’re rich.  They think they’ve been chosen by god to lead us peasants — never mind that they inherited their money from their daddy. They didn’t earn it by being brilliant or innovative on their own.  They’re trust fund kids.

Forget the will of the people. They want to rule the United States (and the world) and they’re out to make that a reality.

You go SoCal.  Act up!!

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News About Egypt

Reminder: there’s no comparison between the atrocious coverage of CNN and MSNBC as to the goings on in Egypt to that of Al Jazeera.  Watch Al Jazeera here on Facebook.

What’s happening in Egypt (and in the Middle East) is much more complicated and fascinating than MSNBC and/or CNN let on.

The “news” we get here in the U.S. us nothing but awful.

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Money in Egypt Only Reaching the Rich

Tweet of the day:

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Know Where Egypt Is? You May Not if You Watch Fox

Check out this map Fox aired in 2009.  They put Egypt where Iraq is and a no-man’s land — desert — where Egypt is.  So, if you’re watching coverage of the events in Egypt on Fox, and it whips out a map, you might want to view it with a big dose of skepticism.

Oh, and I would apply that to any map you see on Fox.  If, after nine years of war they don’t know where Iraq is, they got problems.

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David Balmer (R) “Accosts” Fellow Democratic State Senator — “Isolated Incident” #6

Are there any grown-ups in the Republican party?

Colorado State Senator Gail Schwartz, a Snowmass Democrat whose narrow win in November saw what some deemed the “most tasteless” mailers of the campaign, now finds herself in the middle of the ugliest incident of the young legislative session. State Rep. David Balmer,

(Colorado Republican David Balmer.  (Image via Westword.))

R-Centennial, was banned Friday from the Senate chamber for accosting Schwartz there on Wednesday.

“This morning Rep. Balmer came to my office to apologize for his conduct on the Senate floor when he confronted Sen. Schwartz,” Senate President Brandon Shaffer, D-Longmont, said in a prepared statement Friday. “Mr. Balmer’s behavior was unacceptable, and for that reason I have revoked his privilege to enter the Senate chamber for the remainder of the legislative session.

“At my request Rep. Balmer will apologize publicly in the House chamber at his first convenience. The Senate chamber must be a sanctuary for the exchange of ideas in an atmosphere free of intimidation. I will not tolerate a breech in decorum. We have real work to do for the people of Colorado.”

Schwartz has decried the increasing lack of civility in state elections and has called for stiffer penalties against outside groups seeking to unduly influence voters with questionable campaign materials. She called imposing stiffer penalties one of her top legislative priorities this session.

Here are “isolated incidents” No. 1 – 5 of documented or threatened violence against Democrats in the last three+ weeks.

Republicans want to bring guns to the floor of statehouses across the country.  That said, I can only imagine what will happen next.

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