Steve Kroft — You’re No Julian Assange

January 30, 2011 at 9:18 PM Leave a comment

OMG.  I just watched Steve Kroft’s 60 Minutes interview with Julian Assange.

HO; Sara Jaye Weiss

Right off the bat Kroft set Assange up to be hated:  He’s “eccentric” and he has to wear an “ankle bracelet” because of [he didn’t say dubious] pending charges against him.

Along the way Kroft said, “People in the United States think” you’re a “traitor” and, “There’s a feeling within the community [the corporate media] that you’re not one of them.”

I’m a “people in the United States” and I don’t think Assange is a traitor but then again, my head isn’t stuck in the toilet of DC power politics,  protecting the 200-some families who rule the world.

Assange isn’t a member of the corporate media suck-up-to-power club?  That’s the biggest complement anyone could pay him.  You go guy!

Aaaaaahhh!  More later but suffice it to say, Julian Assange will be remembered as a journalist but Steve Kroft won’t be.

Oh, and BTW, per the wingnutOsphere, this is the liberalist of the liberal media we’re talking about here.

More via Glenn Greenwald:




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