The “Liberal Media” and Rihanna’s Dress, etc.

February 13, 2011 at 9:42 PM Leave a comment

Miss this stuff?

Tea Party darling Paul Ryan (R-OH) calls for a $600 million cut in border security.  I think we should go after employers who hire undocumented immigrants so hey, fine by me, but why aren’t the Tea Partiers rioting in the streets?  This is a huge betrayal of one of their core issues.

—  Alaska’s warming at three times the rate of the lower 48 states.

China overtakes Japan as world’s 2nd largest economy (Woah — China — that was fast!):

Japan ceded its spot as the world’s second biggest economy to China in 2010, following a contraction in the fourth quarter as the strong yen contributed to an export slump, the end of auto subsidies depressed car purchases and a new tobacco tax hit cigarette sales. The Japanese economy’s fall from its 42-year reign in the No. 2 spot behind the U.S. on an annual basis…

—  The “liberal media” (that myth is, unbelievably, still alive) couldn’t find any Democrats to appear on today’s Sunday morning talk shows.  At one point during the Bush years I heard someone explain spin/justify that so many Republicans were on the “liberalcorporate media” because they were in power.  They were in office.  They were making the news.  Ah, yeah.  So what’s the excuse now?

— I can’t help myself here but the dress Rihanna wore to the Grammy’s tonight

reminds me of the Michelin man:

Meow. I know.



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