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Drones the Size of a Hummingbird

Insofar as we’re talking about ways to cut the deficit, I wonder how many millions went into this hummingbird-sized drone:

Backed by the Pentagon’s research arm, Monrovia firm AeroVironment has developed the Nano Hummingbird, an experimental miniature drone that could one day do reconnaissance by landing on a window ledge.

Video and more info here.

If a former “liberal” presidential candidate stands by while a protester —  a former CIA agent — is arrested and assaulted by the police, nobody’s immune to those little hummers.

Still, you gotta be thankful that these big clunkers are a thing of the past:

Your tax dollars at work!

(H/t Thom Hartmann who talked about his on is radio show today.)



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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is “Channeling Mubarak”

Kudos to David Obey (D-WI):

Former Rep. David Obey (D-WI), a 41-year veteran of the House, the former chairman of the Appropriations Committee and an icon in Wisconsin politics, assailed Gov. Scott Walker for engaging in “political thuggery” and accused him of channeling toppled Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak before his fall.

“All I know is that last week, when people were asking where Mubarak was — whether he had gone to Sharm el-Sheikh or Paris — I was saying he was ensconced in the governor’s mansion in Madison.”

Get down!

Walker as mini-Mubarak:



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Pro-Lifer Fred_Phelps Says “Let’s Kill Some Fags!”

UPDATED below.

Fred Phelps tonight:


Thanks to commenter M.J.D., I realize that I’ve been dooped. No. It’s worse than that.  I was lazy and didn’t follow up.   M.J.D. is right.  This “Fred_Phelps” account is fake.  The real Fred Phelps Twitter account is here: GodHatesFags.

Here’s their last tweet:

I apologize to anyone I’ve offended.  I know better.

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What’s Lawrence O’Donnell Doing Giving Ann Coulter Airtime?

As if Ann Coulter doesn’t get enough media exposure already, the “liberal” Lawrence O’Donnell gave her a good four minutes tonight on his “Last Word” show on the commie socialist network MSNBC.

There are a thousands of articulate, interesting liberals out there who never see the light of day.  The fact that O’Donnell gave time to the ubiquitous Coulter — today of all days, what with Wisconsin — confirms to me that he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.


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Wisconsin: Where are DC Democrats?!!

Hello?  Anybody home?

Tweet of the day via Dave Zirin:

Where are the Democrats?  Cowering in the corner, as usual.

Why don’t they get that this is a huge opportunity to separate themselves from anti-worker, anti-average Americans Repubs?

Oh.  Wait.  Gosh.  Wake me up.  Slap my forehead.  They’re one in the same.

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John Kasish — Cop is “An Idiot”

Governor John Kasich (R-Corporation) says a policeman who stopped him “was an idiot.”

AP photo: Doug Mills


Listen to the tale Kasich tells.  Sounds to me like he deserved to be stopped but of course, he plays dumb:

“When people who are in the government don’t treat the client [Kasich? Corporations?] with respect, maybe that’s another thing we have to think about.  Right?”

Remember when wingers fell all over themselves cuddling up to cops and firefighters for photo ops?

UPDATE:  My, my, my.  Kasich got caught so he apologized today.

Geezus.  Wingers are pissing people off left and right.  They live in a closed loop.  Fox, Newsmax, Drudge.  They think the whole world agrees with them.  When something leaks out that isn’t met with a roar of approval, they’re gobsmacked.

What?  What the hell happened?  Where am I?  Oh, shit.

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Wisconsin, Now

This is the rotunda of the Wisconsin State Capitol as of a few minutes ago (7:22 p.m. ET):



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