Obama Kisses the Ass of Potential Silicone Valley Corporate Donors

February 18, 2011 at 9:46 PM Leave a comment

This is President Obama having dinner last night in Silicon Valley with some of the people who own and run the world:

Per the White House’s official announcement, the guest were:

  • John Doerr, partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers
  • Carol Bartz, president and CEO, Yahoo!
  • John Chambers, CEO and chairman, Cisco Systems
  • Dick Costolo, CEO, Twitter
  • Larry Ellison, co-founder and CEO, Oracle
  • Reed Hastings, CEO, NetFlix
  • John Hennessy, president, Stanford University
  • Steve Jobs, chairman and CEO, Apple
  • Art Levinson, chairman and former CEO, Genentech
  • Eric Schmidt, chairman and CEO, Google
  • Steve Westly, managing partner and founder, Westly Group
  • Mark Zuckerberg, founder, president and CEO, Facebook

The White House also released this statement, trying to mute the corportocracy-ness of the thing:

The meeting is a part of our ongoing dialogue with the business community on how we can work together to win the future, strengthen our economy, support entrepreneurship, increasing our exports, and get the American people back to work. The President and the business leaders will discuss our shared goal of promoting American innovation, and discuss his commitment to new investments in research and development, education and clean energy.”

Yeah.  Right.

I could string my last 20 posts together and paint a picture of Republicans and Democrats playing to the powers that be, despite the fact that they’re supposed to represent We the People.

Tragically, that ain’t the way this country, or the world, works anymore.


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