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John Kasich — It’s the People’s House

The candidates the Republicans fielded last year held the Constitution to their breast, teared up and prayed to God — God Almighty — that they’d uphold it.

But now that some of them are in office, they have no idea what that document stands for.

This is what happened in Ohio today under Wall Street crook Governor John Kasich’s ah, watchful eye:

Thousands of protesters made their way to the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus to demonstrate against Senate Bill 5. Upon arriving, however, most found themselves shut out of the building, being told they had to wait outside or watch the hearing at an off-site theater via simulcast. Lobbyists were allowed to enter the building, where the wined and dined the bill’s Republican supporters in the basement. It was only after the threat of a lawsuit and potential court order that the Statehouse doors were opened to the throngs of union workers who had waited outside patiently for hours.

Shorter:  The corporate lobbyists “were allowed to enter” but union workers — as in you and me — had to threaten to sue before they could.

Good job lookin’ out for the Constitution John — as in We the lobbyists People.


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Rahm Emanuel Buys Chicago

UPDATED @ 11:06 p.m. ET

If the people of Chicago knew what Rahm Emanuel was about they would run the other way.


We’re witnessing the power of Citizens United: It wasn’t a fair fight:

UPDATE:  It’s official:  Rahm “wins.

Obama’s thrilled:

Prouder? Prouder of what?  It isn’t as if Rahm walked 3,000 miles of Chicago’s streets shaking hands for the last 18 months.  He had a wad of corporate dough.  So what’s to be “proud” of?


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Howard Fineman Thinks Wisconsin is About Republicans v. Democrats

Howard Fineman

was on MSNBC tonight — Lawrence’s show, whatever it’s called — talking about President Obama’s reaction (or not) to what’s happening in Wisconsin.  Fineman said Obama isn’t saying much because he doesn’t want Wisconsin to turn into an issue “between Republicans and Democrats.”

Yo.  Howie.  You don’t get it and if that’s what Obama thinks, he doesn’t get it either.  This isn’t about Republicans v. Democrats.  It’s about workers v. the corporatocracy.

Pull your head out of the spin machine guy.  Go to Madison. Camp out on the floor of the Statehouse there.  Get to know the people on the ground.  If you’re a journalist, which you claim to be, that’s what we expect of you.


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The Koch Brothers Own Wisconsin

Memo to Wisconsin from the Koch brothers:  F**k you:

The billionaire brothers whose political action committee gave Gov. Scott Walker $43,000 and helped fund a multi-million dollar attack ad campaign against his opponent during the 2010 gubernatorial election have quietly opened a lobbying office in Madison just off the Capitol Square.

Charles and David Koch, who co-own Koch Industries Inc. and whose combined worth is estimated at $43 billion, have been recently tied with Walker’s push to eliminate collective bargaining rights for public workers. The two have long backed conservative causes and groups including Americans for Prosperity, which organized the Tea Party rally Saturday in support of Walker’s plan to strip public workers of collective bargaining rights and recently launched the Stand with Scott Walker website.

Tim Phillips, president of Americans for Prosperity, acknowledged in a New York Times story Tuesday that he had encouraged Walker even before the election to mount a showdown with labor groups.

Koch Industries, which owns the Georgia-Pacific Corporation and the Koch Pipeline Company, operates gasoline supply terminals and a toilet paper factory in Wisconsin.

Koch Companies Public Sector LLC occupies a seventh-floor suite at 10 E. Doty St. According to an unidentified tenant there, the lobbying group moved in two weeks before Walker was elected governor on November 2. Jeffrey Schoepke, the company’s regional manager, did not return a phone call seeking more information on the firm.


As long as Scott Walker is governor, the Koch brothers will flourish in Wisconsin. And man oh man, do they ever have a hold on the state:

Although headquartered in Kansas, Koch Industries has at least 17 facilities and offices in Wisconsin (by my rough count of facilities and companies noted on the Koch Industries “Wisconsin Facts” page), and operates “nearly 4,000 miles of pipeline” through its Koch Pipeline Company, L.P. Which may account for Wisconsin’s evolution into the Midwest Frontier Province of Kochistan.

The conglomerate boasts “four terminals and strategically located pipelines” through its Flint Hills Resources, LLC, which it describes as “a leading refining and chemicals company” that markets “gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, ethanol, olefins, polymers and intermediate chemicals, as well as base oils and asphalt.”

The Kochs’ Georgia Pacific paper and wood products division has six facilities in Wisconsin. Its C. Reiss Coal Company “is a leading supplier of coal used to generate power,” according to the Koch Web site. “The company has locations in Green Bay, Manitowoc, Ashland and Sheboygan.”

Is it any wonder that Gov. Walker signed Americans for Prosperity‘s pledge (PDF) against energy reform legislation?

I’m wearing red tomorrow.




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Who Has Skin Like This?

Thank God for airbrushing huh?

It’s deplorable that the fashion industry implies that there are people out there who actually look like this.  Look at the neckline of the woman in the middle in the second picture.  That is so doctored.  And the hands.  No “wrinkles” at the knuckles.

Google anti-wrinkle cream for teens — teens! — and you get almost 800,000 hits.

Sad.  Cruel.  Almost abusive.

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More Shocking — Shocking! — News About Sarah Palin and FOX

How does Sarah Palin think she can make it in real life — as in as President of the United States, facing media from all around the world — if she has never gone there — not even close:

Frank Bailey’s co-authored manuscript, “Blind Allegiance To Sarah Palin,” which leaked out via his agent’s emails to potential publishers, is dynamite. Why? Because Bailey was as close to the Palins as anyone from Palin’s first race for governor to the bitter end, is a rock-ribbed Fox News Republican, has vast amounts of firsthand data (the emails he has published alone reveal a lot), has contempt for Trig skeptics like yours truly, and comes to a simple conclusion in retrospect: Palin is a dangerous, vindictive, incompetent, congenital liar who has no business in any public office. Any publisher interested in the truth about Palin (Harper Collins therefore need not apply) should fight to publish it.


There’s also just, well, nutritious nuggets like the following. Bailey describes Palin’s eventual media strategy: avoid any MSM interviews and get talking points out through surrogates. Who were they? Bailey names names: Bill Kristol, Mary Matalin, former Bush aides Jason Recher and Steve Biegun, GOP officials Nick Ayers and Michael Steele, Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham, Glenn Beck, Greta Van Susteren, Sean Hannity, and Bill O‘Reilly. Then this sentence:  “We could normally expect them to repeat any coordinated message we sent.”

The woman lives in a bubble.  Fox and the vast right-wing conspiracy have been protecting and coddling her — doing her (and the country) no favor, I might add.

No way could she handle the presidency.  I mean, if nothing else, think of the press conferences.  We’d all be writhing on the floor, embarrassed out of our minds.

Oh, BTW, wish there was a way to bill Fox News for their in-kind campaign contributions to the Republican party.


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You Can Be Sure Fox is Fuming About This

This would be a screenshot of the twitter page belonging to the group:  “Friends of Keith” Olbermann.

Note the tweet they sent out five minutes ago (above).

Now I don’t know about you, but I think its pretty darn easy, especially when in a hurry or not paying attention, to confuse that avatar with this one, from Fox News’ twitter page:

And now Friends of Keith are set to open a new website, the “FOKNewsChannel.”  Woohoo.  Rub it in Keithiers.  That’s gonna drive the folks at FOX nuts.  They are not going to be happy because, I know from experience, their audience is really, really stupid.  They are so stupid they confused my old blog — Newshounds — with Fox News’s website.  Compare the two.  How anyone could confuse the two is beyond me but they do.  When I was there, Newshounds regularly got mail for the folks at Fox. I would include them in our regular “Hate Mail” posts.

So, if the people who watch Fox are that out of it, imagine how easy it will be for them to confuse FOK — as in Friends of Keith — with the real Fox.

It’s gonna be hilarious to watch.

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