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US Uncut

Check out US — as in uncutting the cuts that have been and are being made to We the People:


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Working Class America

(Damn.  I can’t figure out why I can’t embed Vimeo videos.  It’s driving me nuts.)

If you have three minutes, watch this gorgeous thing.

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(Love this image — it’s of an appliquéd block — via.)

•••  Clarence Thomas’ Ex-Girlfriend Reveals Relationship Details in Memoir Isn’t it amazing how some things happen — like the writing of this book — and you don’t see the author on television or hear a word about her or her book?  It’s like the proverbial tree falling in the forest.

•••  Georgia GOP Rep. Would Force Women to Prove Miscarriage Happened Naturally or Face Felony Charges.  I am so sick of men telling women what they have to do to with their own bodies.  How about we introduce a bill saying that when a man has semen on his dick he has to prove he wasn’t masturbating.

•••  Kim and Kourtney Kardashian leave the house without makeup.  Now there’s a

for ya.

•••  Do you live in one of America’s Smartest Regions for Transportation?  I’m lucky because I do.  Yey Boulder!  I can ride my bike all over town on miles of bike paths and if it’s raining or snowing, I can take the bus just about anywhere.  It’s wonderful not being dependent on a car.

•••  On average, 34 Americans are murdered with a gun every day.  No comment. Our gun policies are insane.

•••  Assistant Indiana A.G. Jeff Cox, who tweeted that protesters in Madison should be dealt with using “live ammunition” has been fired.  We’re talking an assistant Attorney General here.  A lawyer.  A man whose job it is to uphold the laws of the State of Indiana and of the United States of America.  And that person thinks American citizens who are assembling peacefully to petition their government should be shot?  No words.

••• I want a Himalayan Salt Plate.

•••  Maryland Advances Same-Sex Marriage Law.  Good to know that compassion is still alive in some parts of the country.

•••  A D.C. Federal Judge Has Upheld the Constitutionality of Health Care Reform.  You didn’t know about this?  You’re kidding.  Remember back in January when Judge Roger Vinson ruled that “Obamacare” violates people’s rights by forcing them to buy insurance?  That dominated the “news” for at least three days.  Maybe the “liberal media” find the time to report this tomorrow or Friday, heh?

•••  Christine O’Donnell is considering an offer to be on Dancing With the Stars.  This is a Very Serious Person?

Image: CDI/Newscom


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Give Corporations a Tax Break, Cut School Budgets?

Folks, look around.  We’ve been cutting taxes on the rich and on corporations for years and gosh golly gee — where are all those trickle down jobs?  When, for God’s sake, will that lie die?

In Florida, the state’s more than $3.5 billion budget gap isn’t stopping Gov. Rick Scott from pushing $2 billion in business and property tax cuts.

“We’re going to become the number one state for job creation,” Scott told a raucous tea party crowd when he presented his two-year budget Feb. 7. Scott’s plan reduces the corporate income tax – already one of the lowest in the nation – by 45 percent, and phases it out entirely by 2018.

Meanwhile, to balance his gift to corporations, Scott proposes,

a 15 percent cut in public education, from $22.5 billion to $19.1 billion.

The difference between the two is obvious:  Cut business and property taxes (which largely fund schools) by $2 billion and pay for it by cutting funding to public education by roughly the same amount.

This is so crazy I’m having a hard time keeping the facts straight.



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How Far Apart Are the Earth and the Moon?

Break time!



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Images from Christchurch

The scope of the tragedy in Christchurch, New Zealand is beginning to unfold.  Check out these horrific images:

Sheer force: A buckled rail line after the 6.3 magnitude earthquake ripped through Christchurch


Destroyed: Murray and Kelly James look at their ruined house in central Christchurch

More here.




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Rupert Murdoch’s “The Daily” iPad App Not Doing So Well

This from

News Corp.‘s The Daily [Rupert Murdoch’s stab at an online newspaper] launched Feb. 2 with a two-week free trial sponsored by Verizon, ostensibly enough time to give potential subscribers a full taste. But launch glitches that stretched out for a week kept a lot of those potential subscribers from getting a good picture of the News Corp (DSNQ:NWS  iPad app. The first update came with extensions—and now Publisher Greg Clayman tells paidContent the free trial extensions will continue for several more weeks, at least.

The endpoint for the extended free trial has yet to be determined but a decision may come this week. (Given that users are still reporting frequent crashes and glitches after the Feb.9 update, they may want to wait for another iteration.) Verizon continues as the trial sponsor.

Shorter:  The Daily isn’t going over very well so News Corp. is going to offer it free for an indefinite period of time to see if it’ll take.

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