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Don’t Drink Milk

Radiation has been found in milk in the United States:

Radioactive milk found on West Coast, but levels are ‘minuscule:”

Low levels of iodine-131 have been detected in radioactive milk samples from Spokane, Wash., and at a dairy in San Luis Obispo County, Calif. But the amounts are so low that they pose no health risk, report the Environmental Protection Agency [EPA] and the US Food and Drug Administration.

Minuscule?  The EPA can’t be trusted.  The 9/11 rescuers know that: 9/11 Toxic Dust:  Official Who Knowingly Lied Refuses to Testify:

In August 2003 it was revealed that the Government ordered the EPA to give the public misleading information ,  telling New Yorkers on September 12 it was safe to breathe when reliable information on air quality was not available and Asbestos levels were known to be three times higher than national standards.

Further documents were obtained by CBS news last September, revealing that Lower Manhattan was reopened a few weeks following the attack even though the air was not safe.

The two devastating memos, written by the U.S. and local governments, show they knew. They knew the toxic soup created at Ground Zero was a deadly health hazard. Yet they sent workers into the pit and people back into their homes.

“Not only did they know it was unsafe, they didn’t heed the words of more experienced people that worked for the city and E.P.A.,” said Joel Kupferman, with the group Environmental Justice Project.

An EPA wistleblower, Dr. Cate Jenkins then wrote a letter to Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) and other members of the New York congressional delegation blasting the EPA for hiding dangerous toxins from Ground Zero workers in the aftermath of 9/11.

And there’s this:  EPA Mislead Public on 9/11 Pollution.

Don’t.  Drink.  Milk.

Chances are — 10-or-so years from now — akin to 9/11 — we’ll find out that the EPA lied to us about this too.

Hey.  When the corportocracy owns the government, that’s what happens.

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The Fukushima Reactor Workers “Expect to Die”

Wow.  Powerful:

(Photo: AP / Yomiuri Shimbun, Takuya Yoshino)

Workers who have been fighting to bring the reactors under control at Japan’s strick [sic] nuclear plant expect to die from radiation sickness, according to the mother of one of the men.

The so-called Fukushima 50, the group of around 300 technicians, soldiers and firemen who work in shifts of 50, have been exposed repeatedly to dangerously high radioactive levels as they attempt to avert a nuclear disaster.

The mother of one of the men has admitted that the group have discussed their situation and have accepted that death is a strong possibility.

“My son and his colleagues have discussed it at length and they have committed themselves to die if necessary in the long-term.”

We owe them a debt of gratitude, to say the least.

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Greatest Incidence of Karma in the History of the Planet

Man-oh-man, I love this:

Photo: Mike Groll/AP


It’s safe to assume that the greatest line cut comeuppance in the history of civilization took place at Coulson’s News Center in Albany last Friday, when an unidentified jerk weaseled ahead of winner Mike Barth and bought a lottery ticket. Barth was reaching for a candy bar when the inconsiderate P.O.S. reached over his shoulder to cut the line and bought the next lottery ticket. “I thought about saying something but decided to just let it slide,” Barth tells the NY Post. “I bought the next ticket—the winning ticket!” The jackpot was worth $319 million, which Barth will share with six coworkers at the state Division of Housing and Community Renewal.


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Remember Vietnam?

Quote of the day:

Exactly.  This is so reminiscent of the first days and weeks of the Vietnam war.

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About That Tea Party Rally in D.C. Today

The Tea Party is holding a rally in D.C. today.  More on that here.

Poor things.  Looks like they’re having a bit of an enthusiasm gap:


This is a:

UPDATEFox blames the pitiful turnout on the weather.

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Is Obama Creating a Constitutional Crisis?

I am so angry at what His Highness, King Obama is doing with regard to Libya, I’m shaking.  He is unrecognizable to me in terms of the man I voted for — the man of the people, the constitutional lawyer.

(Image via.)

Read this article: Clinton to Congress:  Obama Would Ignore Your War Resolutions.  It is mind-blowing what Obama’s doing.

The White House would forge ahead with military action in Libya even if Congress passed a resolution constraining the mission, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said during a classified briefing to House members Wednesday afternoon.


…Clinton plainly admitted the administration would ignore any and all attempts by Congress to shackle President Obama’s power as commander in chief to make military and wartime decisions. In doing so, he would follow a long line of Presidents who have ignored the act since its passage, deeming it an unconstitutional encroachment on executive power.


The War Powers Act of 1973, passed in the aftermath of the Vietnam War, puts limits on the ability of the President to send American troops into combat areas without congressional approval. Under the act, the President can only send combat troops into battle or into areas where ”imminent” hostilities are likely, for 60 days without either a declaration of war by Congress or a specific congressional mandate.

The President can extend the time the troops are in the combat area for 30 extra days, without Congressional approval, for a total of 90 days. After that, is unchartered territory. The act does not specifically say what Congress could do if the President turns a blind eye to Congress and refuses to have his role as commander-in-chief constrained, as Presidents have routinely done.

I don’t care if past presidents have “routinely” ignored Congress when it comes to the War Powers Act (congress is complicit in this whole thing too, for allowing that to happen), it has got to stop.

More of that “change we can believe in,” heh?

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Ed Schultz Lost Me Last Night

Did you see last night’s segment on The Ed Show featuring Ed Schultz and Jeremy Scahill?  Scahill was on to talk about Libya and he emphasized the US’s hypocrisy in trying to oust Qaddafi while supporting the murderous president of Yemen.  He also warned of the slippery slope we’re going down in getting involved in a Libyan civil war — warning about the potential cost in both dollars and lives — all issues that need to be discussed.

Schultz, on the other hand, took an if-our-guy-does-it-it’s-OK position and said he “trusts the president.”  He trusts the president?  Obama has broken several promises in just two weeks — not to mention the promise to close Guantanamo, get us out of Iraq and repeal DADT — like we’ll be there days, not weeks and there will be no “boots” on the ground.  So why would Schultz “trust” him?

Not only that, Schultz seems to justify his position based on seeking revenge for PanAm 109.




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