Leo Dies, Ellie Lives

March 3, 2011 at 8:48 PM Leave a comment

It would do us human animals good if we got over our arrogant thinking that we’re the only ones who know about living and loving:

A blind King Charles Spaniel who had her own guide dog has recovered her sight – but tragically lost her best pal.

Great team: Ellie the King Charles Spaniel with best pal Leo the German Shepherd

One-year-old Ellie’s vision has been restored after she underwent a cataracts operation.

Ellie had relied on her big friend Leo the German Shepherd after he took to guiding her around and making sure other dogs didn’t get too close for comfort. But just a week after getting her sight back, her pal Leo had to be put down after he was found to have a tumour.


Leo became Ellie’s eyes and she would follow him around before snuggling up to him.

The RSPCA raised funds for her eye operation, which was carried out at the Animal Medical Centre in Chorlton by vet Pip Boydell.

But just a week after the successful operation, Julie discovered that 14-year-old Leo had a tumour and he had to be put to sleep.

Julie said: “Ellie always went to Leo when she was nervous and he would always protect her.

“Their relationship didn’t change when she got her sight back.

“They touched noses when Ellie came home and just curled up together. It was quite touching.

She added: “I’ve still got Ellie and I’ll give her all the love and devotion that I gave to Leo.

“It was almost as if he was here to make sure she was okay before he bowed out.”

I think that’s exactly what happened.

What a story.

The picture of the two of them — above — hits my soul.

They look so relaxed and content.


Friends are hard to come by these days.

RIP Leo.

Ellie — Leo’s got your back.

You go girl.



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