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People Power in Madison

You won’t see this on the “liberal media:”

People power in Madison, live, right now.  Listen.  Watch.  Pay attention.

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Wisconsin is Pissed

This is what the “liberal media” doesn’t want you to see or hear:

Live from Madison.

Don’t forget:  A riot is the language of the unheard.  MLK.

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The Coup Will be Televised

The corporate coup will be televised.  Not on the “liberal media” but on twitter @  wiunion and solidaritywi.

(Image via.)

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Wisconsin Repubs Pass Anti-Collective Bargaining Bill

Per TPM:

The special conference committee in Wisconsin — convened in order to strip out the fiscal elements of Gov. Scott Walker’s budget repair bill, in order to pass the anti-public employee union proposals and avoid the state SenateDemocratic boycott of the three-fifths budget quorum — just met for roughly five minutes and passed the bill.

Shorter:  Republicans needed a quorum — those 14 Democrats who are in Illinois — to pass legislation having to do with budget issues.  So they separated the collective bargaining issue from the budget legislation and voted it in.

Yep.  They love democracy and they respect the law (more on that later — they violated it).

Fox’s spin (Democrats are the dirt bags of course):



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Product Placement in Local Television “News”

I’m watching the local evening news on CBS4/Denver.  They’re doing a story about a new surgery for carpel tunnel syndrome.  In it, they focus on a painter who had the surgery after years of taking ALEVE.  They show a picture of a bottle of ALEVE:

Be a savvy news consumer.  If this “news” story wasn’t about ALEVE, at least partially, the reporter would/should have said the painter spent years taking a painkiller.  But no.  She spent years taking ALEVE.

The corportocracy is running wild.

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Obama: Why Should I Believe You?

For me, the effect of the Obama administration breaking its promise to close Gitmo by January 22, 2010 is that I don’t believe a thing it says anymore:  Obama Administration Pledges to Hold Gaddafi Accountable for War Crimes.

Yeah, right.

(Remember back in the day when a man’s word was his bond?  When you could take a man’s (and a woman’s) word or  handshake to the bank?  Unfortunately, that isn’t part of Obama’s character.  Great lesson for our kids, huh?)

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Obama and Guantanamo

This is January 22, 2009 video of Obama signing an Executive Order stating, unambiguously, that Guantanamo will be “closed no later than one year from now.”

(YouTube link.)

More than two years later:  Obama’s About-Face on Guantanamo.

It’s not only that he broke a promise, it’s that — he’s a lawyer for God’s sake — he doesn’t seem to trust or respect our system of justice:

As a retired CIA officer, I’m not “soft” on terrorism.   I’m not advocating that we release dangerous terrorists.  I am not saying that U.S. laws should apply to the detainees as for citizens.  But even our enemies deserve due process under the law.  Even our enemies—especially our enemies–deserve a form of swift and fair justice.   If some of these men are released and return to threaten us one day, then so be it; we must not be guided by fear. Terrorists can never achieve their aims through violence if we do not allow them to subvert our values.  The far greater threat lies in not defending what this country stands for.   Give these men their rights, as we would like for ourselves, as Americans.  Then close Guantánamo.

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