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Governor Walker — What Are You Afraid Of? Sign That Bill

John Nichols was on TheEdShow just now and he made a good point: Why didn’t Governor Walker, the dictator of #FritzWalkerStan, sign that anti-worker bill immediately after it passed the Republican-controlled Wisconsin assembly today?

Per Nichols, he’s “huddling with his lawyers” because he knows what he’s doing is against the law.

That’s why.

He’s huddling with Fox News, the Koch brothers, John Boehner, the Chamber of Commerce, Newt and Karl, et al  — crafting the spin — before he signs it — so they’ll all be on the same page:  Against us.

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A Placebo, Please

I can’t decide whether this is about the power of positive thinking or the power of negative thinking but whatever it is, the next time I need a pill, give me a placebo!

(YouTube link.)



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Peter King Inadvertently Elevates the Status of Muslims

NY Representative Peter King (R-Look at Me!) held his long-awaited hearing today on the  supposed “radicalization” of Muslim Americans.

Oops.  Looks like King’s attention-grab backfired because Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) won the day.

Ellison is one of two Muslims in congress and at King’s big ol’ macho hearing, he genuinely choked-up while talking about a man who died in the Twin Towers on 9/11, trying to save his fellow Americans:

(YouTube link.)

Petey boy, this is a complicated issue.  You’re in over your head.

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Frightened Workers in Wisconsin

I came across this tweet a few minutes ago and I thought hey, I’ve got a blog so why not help tell the story.

So sad:

From this day forward, I hope the whole country understands that to vote Republican — never mind the glitzy ads that promise morning in America — means to vote for quashing workers — their rights and their wages — and creating a system that allows for unlimited corporate profit.

For example, do you want your Republican-run government to have the power to fire your democratically elected city council and turn the management of your city or town over to oh say, Halliburton?  Blackwater (now deceptively known as “Xe“)?  Or GE?

That’s the reality in Michigan as of yesterday.

Think about it.

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The Coup in Madison Will Not Be Televised

Here is a YouTube video posted by BrendaKonkel of members of the media in the anteroom of  the Wisconsin capitol being turned away today.

I like it because it captures the tension as well as the positive energy inside the building but also the difficult position the poor State Troopers are in.  They’re caught in the middle of this whole thing, which must be so tough on them.

(I was grooving on the music for about a minute until it started driving me nuts.  Can’t imagine listening to that all day.)

The larger issue here of course is that Governor Muammar Walker is trying to control the message (it’s commonly referred to as propaganda) — he doesn’t want media outlets showing video of protesters chanting SHAME!, SHAME!, SHAME! while he and his fellow Republicans complete their coup d’etat.

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FitzWalkerStan, Formerly Known as Wisconsin

Tweet of the day:


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John Boehner Sends Staff Member to $5,800 Etiquette Class

Good grief, couldn’t Boehner save some money by simply picking the brain of someone who already knows this stuff? You know, someone who already has “dining skills?”

John Boehner famously grew up mopping the floors of his father’s bar, so presumably he knows little about hobnobbing with foreign royalty, one of his duties as Speaker.

So in December, the Ohio Republican’s office spent $5,800 to register a staff member for a protocol class to learn the niceties of exchanging gifts, arranging seating plans and organizing large events with visiting dignitaries.

The class is run by an accredited private academy, the Protocol School of Washington. The five-day training to take place in May — Boehner’s office saved $500 on the tuition by registering ahead of time — covers topics such as dining skills, titles and forms of address, gifts, and flags and logos, according to an agenda posted on the school’s website.

Don’t ya love how Paul Singer, the Roll Call staffer who wrote this article, makes excuses for Boehner and lets him off in the very first sentence?


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