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R — Hate Knowing Facts

Via the socialists at NASA:

Clusters of young stars (about one million years old) can be found throughout the image. Slightly older but still very young stars (about 3-5 million years) are also liberally scattered across the complex. Some areas of this nebula are still very thick with dust and appear dark even in Spitzer’s view and are likely to be the youngest stars in the complex (less than a million years old).

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

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Obama Flip-Flops 180º on Military Attacks

In 2007 Barack Obama said he was against the use of military force unless a country posed an “imminent threat to the U.S.”

Six days ago he flip-flopped 180º:

Politifact√.com checked it out and it ain’t pretty:

So where does this leave us? In 2007, Obama was adamant that the president did not have the power to authorize an attack if there was no imminent threat to the U.S. But now he has authorized just such an action. Full Flop.

Got that?  A FULL FLIP FLOP.

Just like Newt.

So, thanks for nohing Obama.  We thought you were going to make the differences between the two parties clearer.

Guess not.

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Paul LePage, Maine’s Republican Governor, Orders Mural Celebrating Workers Removed

Wow.  I’m almost speechless at the ruthlessness of the Republicans:  Not only do they want to take away things that benefit the middle and working class, they want to erase from our collective memory the history of the labor movement (you know, winning the right to a weekend, etc.)  — including that of Rosie the Riveter:

Gov. Paul LePage has ordered the removal of a 36-foot mural depicting Maine’s labor history from the lobby of the Department of Labor.

Acting labor chief Laura Boyett emailed staff Tuesday about the mural’s pending removal, as well as another administration directive to rename several department conference rooms that carry the names of pro-labor icons such as Cesar Chavez.

According to LePage spokesman Dan Demeritt, the administration felt the mural and the conference room monikers showed “one-sided decor” not in keeping with the department’s pro-business goals.


The 11-panel piece depicts several moments, including the 1937 shoe mill strike in Auburn and Lewiston, “Rosie the Riveter” at Bath Iron Works, and the paper mill workers’ strike of 1986 in Jay.

This is verging on scary.  They want to rewrite history and to leave gains made by the working class out of it.  They don’t want us to know or remember that we have power.

This reminds me of the Taliban blowing up ancient statues of Buddha in Afghanistan.  Erase memory.  Erase history.

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It’s Not About Unions v. Taxpayers

Quote of the day folks — they’re trying to turn us against each other in this class war.  In reality, per the wonderful Naomi Klein:

“What this fight is really about is not unions versus taxpayers … It’s a fight about who’s going to pay for the crisis that was created by the wealthiest elite in this country.”


Thus far, we’re paying — you and me.  They’re cutting our schools, our police forces, our firefighters, our pensions, our wages and potentially our Medicare/aide and Social Security.  And those who are doing it are shielding the wealthy elite, Wall Street, and the corporations — the people who got us into this hole in the first place

It is they who should pay.

(Image via.)


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The Royal Wedding Commemorative Refrigerator/Freezer

Yes, unbelievable as it is, this is for real:

Just when you thought that royal wedding memorabilia couldn’t get wackier, behold, the Will and Kate refrigerator!

The royal fridge and freezer, which is sold by GDHA, a U.K. distributor of GE appliances, features the more casual of the two official engagement pictures taken by photographer Mario Testino. The refrigerator is 5’9″, which means you’d almost be looking at life-size versions of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Can you imagine looking at that for the next 10 or 15 years?

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Reuters — Desperate For Drama

Seriously Reuters — this is “breaking news?”

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Newt Gingrich Flip-Flops 180º in 16 Days on Libya

Here is a must-see post (with video) showing Newt Gingrich flip-flopping 180º on Libya in a mere 16 days.

Jim Watson - AFP/Getty Images

A synopsis:

Newt on March 7 after Fox’s Greta Van Sustern asked him what he would do on Libya:

Exercise a no-fly zone this evening, communicate to the Libyan military that Gadhafi was gone and that the sooner they switch sides, the more like they were to survive, provided help to the rebels to replace him.

Newt on the Today Show on March 23:

I would not have intervened. I think there were a lot of other ways to affect Qaddafi. I think there are a lot of other allies in the region we could have worked with. I would not have used American and European forces.

Ugh.  He is repulsive.

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