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Follow the Media Brown-Nosers Here

Follow the happenings at tonight’s White House Correspondents Dinner, a gathering of lobbyists, elected officials (they’re supposed to represent us, no?) and elite media — the people who tell us what we should think and believe, as if they have any idea —  on Twitter at #nerdprom and/or at #WHCD.

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Texas Republicans Approve a Tax Break for Yacht Buyers

Remember back in the fall when Republicans everywhere were screaming that Priority #1 was to create jobs, jobs, jobs?

Me too.

Well folks, take heart.  Republicans in the Texas House Ways and Means Committee are ah, tackling that issue head on:

The Texas House Ways and Means Committee has approved a tax break for those who want to buy yachts costing $250,000 or more.

In a vote late Thursday, the committee approved a bill by Houston Republican Rep. John Davis. The proposed law would cap the maximum sales tax the state would collect on the sale of a personal boat.

Davis says the measure is needed because Florida has a similar law and boat buyers are going there to make their purchases. The measure passed on an 8-3 vote along party lines.

Democrats are outraged at the proposed tax break at a time when the state must cut $27 billion in state services from the budget.

Vote Republican!

You think there’s a class divide now?  Just wait.

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The Donald — an “Elitist Celebrity”

More of that ol’ reliable Republican consistency reflected in our Tweet of the Day:

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Indiana: Get Ready for an Explosion of Back Room Abortions, Unwanted Babies and STDs

70% of the services provided by Planned Parenthood consist of (1) providing contraceptives (@ 35%) and (2) testing for and treating STDs (@35%).

Yet Indiana Governor, Mitch Daniels, is set to sign a bill that will “cut off all government funding for Planned Parenthood.”

What a dumb thing to do.  The intended consequences will potentially be devastating not only for individuals but for the state as a whole.  But hey, when you’re pandering to the Tea Party and the American Taliban religious right, you’ve gotta do dumb things because apparently it’s just too much hard to explain to people why what they want is bad for your state.

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Sarah Palin Wearing a Star of David?

Insulting Jews around the world, Sarah Palin wore a Star of David the other night on Fox:




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The Most Transparent Presidency Ever?

Remember when President Obama said his would be the most transparent administration ever?

Two-plus years on, I guess they’re still working on that:

Phil Bronstein, a contributing editor at the San Francisco Chronicle, revealed in his column “Bronstein at Large” today that Chronicle reporter Carla Marinucci has been dismissed from the White House Press Correspondents’ Association’s pool of Bay Area print journalists. She was dropped from the pool because of a video she posted last week of protesters at a fundraiser for President Obama.

Buried in Bronstein’s column is the fact that the White House did arguably have legitimate reasons for dismissing Marinucci from the press pool:

The White House Press Correspondents’ Association pool reporting guidelines warn about “no hoarding” of information and also say, “pool reports must be filed before any online story or blog.” While uploading her video probably was the best way to file her report, Carla may have technically busted the letter of that law.

Still, Bronstein points out that the dismissal was a decision handed down by the administration of a president who was elected on promises of transparency and commending whistleblowers. Bronstein makes much of the fact that the Obama campaign prided itself on being plugged in to new technology and is paradoxically punishing a reporter for using technology. The larger issue, however, appears to be that transparency sticking point.

When candidates make promises we have every right to hold them to those promises and if they break them, to hold them accountable for breaking them.

Enough already with people who radically change after they take office.  I’m sick of it.

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Cute Alert

Break time!

Let me at this puppy so I can kiss his darling face!


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