Pete Seeger on Unions and Being an American

April 19, 2011 at 3:44 PM Leave a comment

Pete Seeger, in a phone interview with the Associated Press in early March, commenting on Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s anti-union politics and the pro-union demonstrations that took place there:

“Maybe the Republican governor, he’s done us a favor by bringing the problem to national attention.

“It shows the whole country how much we need unions. We may end up thanking him.”


“The average American, I think, looks upon unions as a standard way of doing business. Just like you pay rent, you pay taxes, you also get paid a decent wage because of unions. It’s not because of the generosity of the employer.”


“It shows me that Americans are still Americans. You don’t become an American by saluting at the right time or singing the national anthem at the right time.

“You become an American by using the rights which the Constitution gave us.”

Bravo.  Pete Seeger with a point of view that is never heard in the corporate media.

He’s a national treasure now and he has been for 70 years.


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