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MSNBC’s Royal Wedding Schizophrenia

Promo just now (@10:54 p.m. ET) on MSNBC:  “What can Americans learn from British politics, economy, and culture — next week on MSNBC.”

Yeah, right. We believe that.

“Lean forward” into MSNBC trying to turn the royal wedding into an intellectual exercise.


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Teeny Tiny Joy

I love looking at teeny tiny food replicas.  I’m thinkin’ making them might be part of my next life:

De.  Light.  Ful.

(Via  flickr PetitPlat Food Art – Stephanie Kilgast.)

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Fox Spins (as in Lies About) NYT Article on Obama’s Mother

This would be the headline at FoxNation tonight:

Click on the headline and you go here:

Click on that headline and you go here, to an article titled:  “Obama’s Young Mother Abroad.”

The New York Times article is a brief history of the life of Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, and no, sorry you a–holes, it isn’t an investigation into “Obama family life in Indonesia.”

As a matter of fact, it includes a delightful pictorial of Ms. Dunham that makes me admire what she did with her too-short life.

Fox hopes its not-too-bright audience will stop at its headline and presume that gosh, even that raging liberal rag, the New York Times is suspicious of Obama’s background.


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The Ugliest Shoe Ever

This has got to be the ugliest shoe I’ve ever seen:

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Your iPhone Is Watching You

If you have an iPhone, read the whole article. It’ll creep you out.

This is a map

of everywhere I’ve been for nearly the last year. Everywhere. I didn’t carry around a special tracking device. The FBI isn’t sending goons in unmarked vans to track me. All I did was use an iPhone. And if you have an iPhone, you’re being tracked right now, too, whether you like it or not.

It turns out that all our iPhones are keeping a record of everywhere you’ve been since June. This data is stored on your phone (or iPad) and computer, easily available to anyone who gets their hands on it.


We know that AT&T and other cellphone providers can always store this data, for any cellphone. And law enforcement can get to it when they need to. But I don’t want this information bouncing around on my computer and in pocket, too, for no good reason, with no way to opt out. That’s just not right.


The data itself is jarringly accurate (most of the time). And even though it appears to rely on tower triangulation rather than GPS pinpointing (meaning you’re not safe with location services switched off), the map I was able to generate with mapping software the security duo released visualizes my life since the day I bought my iPhone 4 in July. Everywhere I’ve been. Bus trips home. Train trips to visit family. Vacations. Places I’d forgotten I’d even gone. Zoom in on that giant blotch over New York, and you can see my travels, block by block.


Until Apple stops doing this, or explains why they are doing it, I don’t feel safe.

Hell no you don’t feel safe. This is outrageous.

Waiting to hear what Apple has to say.

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Republicans “Recoil” From Birther Debate

Top Republicans Recoil from Birther Debate:  “Donald Trump has poked a hornets’ nest by reopening the whole ‘birther’ debate, and a lot of Republicans aren’t pleased.”

“Reopening” the debate?  When did the “debate” close?

They’re realizing how nutty the whole birther thing makes them look but it’s too late and they don’t know how to stop it.  You know, how to put the toothpaste back in the tube.

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Happy 4/20!

The newspaper arrived this morning with this sticky note plastered across the front page headline.  It’s an advertisement for a medical marijuana joint — “Karing Kind.”


I’m still amazed at the speed with which the medical marijuana industry burst onto the scene here in Boulder.  There are something like 15 establishments around town, and none of them are more than a year old.  Thirty years ago, when good people went to prison for possession of a nickle bag, something like this would have been unimaginable.
Oh, and if you’re in the neighborhood, you might want to head on over to the CU campus for the “Great American Smoke Out” this afternoon at 4;20 p.m. MDT (Happy 4/20).  10,000 pot smokers are expected to attend.
Follow the event on Twitter here.
And finally, legalize it already.

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