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Condoleezza Rice Goes on Fox, Proves She’s Insane

Never mind if you’re left, right, in the middle, to the center, a Libertarian or a whatever, you have got to admit that this statement by Condoleezza Rice is insane:

BRIAN KILMEADE ([Fox]CO-HOST): The president in his speech — did a great job on his speech Sunday night — talked about coming together like we did on 9/11, he wants to see it happen again. Do you think a nice gesture would be to invite President Bush out on Thursday when he comes down to Ground Zero to greet the families?

RICE: Well, obviously, I’ll leave that to the two of them and to the administration. But President Bush had at Ground Zero probably the most important moment maybe in American history.

(Emphasis added — obviously.)

Wow.  Condi would like to think she’s a part of “probably the most important moment maybe in American history.”

Yo, “liberal media:”  You might want to think for a sec the next time you put Ms. Rice on as an “expert.”

She.  Has.  Issues.

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Obama Invites George W. Bush to Go With Him to Ground Zero?

MSNBC is reporting that President Obama invited George W. Bush to go with him to Ground Zero on Thursday — the site of the former World Trade Center in NYC — but Bush declined.


Obama, say it ain’t freakin’ so already.

Bask in what you did.  Do.  Not.  Share. It.  With.  The.  Party. That. Is. Trying. To.  Destroy.  You.

My God.

Un.  Believable.

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Where’s Obama’s Codpiece?

Where’s President Obama’s codpiece?

He doesn’t need one.  He doesn’t have to stuff a sock down his pants to look and be tough.

I don’t agree with everything Obama has done — to say the least — but I do respect that he wears his socks on his feet, not around his dick.

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Why Did George W. Bush Close the CIA’s Bin Laden Unit?

It will take time (natch — frustrating as it is) for the details to emerge but this is a big part of the puzzle of what’s gone on in the last seven or eight years:

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Fox News’ First Republican “Debate” Looks Like a Big Dud

If you ask me, the big, big thing the wingers learned leading up to last November’s election (seems like years ago) was that the liberal media — boohoo –picks on us they say hateful stuff that doesn’t go over very well with the vast majority of Americans.  So they’ve decided to stay out of the limelight as much as possible, as least until the very end (as in the summer of 2012) when hiding out in a bunker somewhere would look kinda bad.

So Fox’s idea of holding the “First in the South” GOP presidential debate in South Carolina this Thursday — way, way, way ahead of the 2012 election — wasn’t all that well thought out:

What if a presidential debate was scheduled and nobody showed up?

That’s pretty much what’s happening this week in Greenville, S.C., as the vast majority of GOP White House aspirants are skipping a “First in the South” presidential debate that’s being televised nationally by FOX News.

A SCGOP spokesman declined to confirm final debate participants until Wednesday morning, but a source close to the event tells FITS that only five candidates will attend – former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, ex-Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain, former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, U.S. Rep. Ron Paul and former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum.

That’s obviously a pretty underwhelming lineup.

An event organizer tells FITS that former U.S. Speaker Newt Gingrich repeatedly told both SCGOP and FOX News that he would attend the debate, but then backed out at the last minute. Neither the party nor the network could immediately be reached for comment regarding that allegation, however.

Obviously none of the big-name GOP contenders (Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, Donald Trump, Sarah Palin) are participating in the event, which has resulted in it losing much of its prestige.

Also declining to participate are U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann and former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman.


Oh, and BTW:  Jon Huntsman: “…took his first step toward a presidential run Tuesday, creating a federal political action committee that will allow him to travel and raise money in the weeks before he’s expected to formally announce a bid.”

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Happy Birthday Pete Seeger

Pete Seeger — a national treasure and a man whose songs I grew-up singing along with — is 92-years-old today.

Happy Birthday Mr. Seeger!

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Organic Weed Killer — Calling All Gardeners!

OMG, I am not kidding.  I am so excited about this news:  Looking for a harmless, organic, weed killer that actually works?  Me too, and I have been for literally decades, and there really is one:  Vinegar!

I have a Master Gardener certificate from Colorado State University and I have Never.  Heard.  This.  Kinda goes to show how much the Ortho’s of the world control the information, doesn’t it?

Anyway, yes.  Put regular, full-strength, old-fashioned, white, grocery store-grade vinegar in a spray bottle, spray your weeds and They.  Will.  Die.

Spray on a day when no rain is forecast and preferably on a day when no rain is forecast for the next two or three days.

I learned this info from an acquaintance on Sunday and promptly came home and sprayed an area in our xeriscaped front yard that is covered in cobble but through which hundreds of tiny little weeds were poking their heads. I dreaded getting down there and pulling them out but I refused to use something like Roundup because I care about stuff like ground water, bees, birds and frankly, myself.

Today, 48-hours later, those pesky buggers (along with some mounds of clover) are shriveling up.

I am thrilled and I’m telling everyone I know.

I may need to apply another coat but heck, so what?  I don’t feel the least bit guilty and I don’t imagine cancer instantaneously forming in my body if I accidentally inhale a whiff.

Try it.  It really works!

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