Organic Weed Killer — Calling All Gardeners!

May 3, 2011 at 2:58 PM 1 comment

OMG, I am not kidding.  I am so excited about this news:  Looking for a harmless, organic, weed killer that actually works?  Me too, and I have been for literally decades, and there really is one:  Vinegar!

I have a Master Gardener certificate from Colorado State University and I have Never.  Heard.  This.  Kinda goes to show how much the Ortho’s of the world control the information, doesn’t it?

Anyway, yes.  Put regular, full-strength, old-fashioned, white, grocery store-grade vinegar in a spray bottle, spray your weeds and They.  Will.  Die.

Spray on a day when no rain is forecast and preferably on a day when no rain is forecast for the next two or three days.

I learned this info from an acquaintance on Sunday and promptly came home and sprayed an area in our xeriscaped front yard that is covered in cobble but through which hundreds of tiny little weeds were poking their heads. I dreaded getting down there and pulling them out but I refused to use something like Roundup because I care about stuff like ground water, bees, birds and frankly, myself.

Today, 48-hours later, those pesky buggers (along with some mounds of clover) are shriveling up.

I am thrilled and I’m telling everyone I know.

I may need to apply another coat but heck, so what?  I don’t feel the least bit guilty and I don’t imagine cancer instantaneously forming in my body if I accidentally inhale a whiff.

Try it.  It really works!


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  • 1. chrish  |  May 3, 2011 at 10:46 PM

    Awesome! I will definitely use it!

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