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How Republicans Screwed Us Today / 5-6-11

More headlines from around the country on how Republicans are working hard to create jobs finding ways to shit on average Americans:

House Approves Penalty for Colleges That Offer Partner Benefits

The Michigan House approved an amendment to the education budget on Thursday night that will penalize state universities and colleges five percent for offering domestic partner benefits for same-sex or unmarried partners.

Ohio House Budget Would Let Kasich Sell Assets Such as Prisons

Ohio Governor John Kasich could sell or lease six prisons and the state turnpike under the $55.6 billion, two-year budget that passed the Republican-led House of Representatives 59-40 yesterday.


Kasich’s March 15 spending proposal called for raising an estimated $200 million by selling five prisons to companies that would run them. The House plan would add a juvenile correctional facility for sale or lease.

Bottom line re the Kasich thing?  He wants to sell prisons, juvenile facilities and turnpikes to his corporate buddies. Imagine calling Comcast to tell them about potholes on your route to work.  Think they’ll care?

No.  The bigger problem is, you can’t vote them out if they ignore you.  That’s the good thing about the government owning the public works.

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The Rapture is Only Two Weeks Away

Just a reminder folks, the Rapture is just two weeks away.

I can’t wait until we sinners have the place to ourselves!

Oh, and BTW, if any of you potential Rapturians have dogs that will be left behind, I’d be happy to take one or two.  Let me know.

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Mitt Romney — Not The Smartest Piston in the Engine

Mitt Romney in an op-ed published in the New York Times on November 18, 2008:

If General Motors and Chrysler get the bailout that their chief executives asked for yesterday, you can kiss the American automotive industry goodbye. It won’t go overnight, but its demise will be virtually guaranteed.

Headline in the business world yesterday:  GM Reports highest quarterly profit in over a decade:

General Motors Co. reported its highest quarterly profit in more than a decade Thursday, helped by demand for fuel-efficient cars and a big gain from selling its stake in its former auto parts business.

The biggest U.S. automaker said Thursday that it earned $3.2 billion, or $1.77 per share, in the first quarter. It was a great start considering the spike in U.S. gasoline prices, a trend that would have sunk the company just a few years ago when it relied on gas-guzzling pickups and SUVs for profits.

If Romney runs, he’ll probably run on an I’m-a-businessman-and-I-know-business platform so keep this in mind.  He might be a “businessman” but he might not be a very good one.

(The photo above is of Romney’s official portrait which hangs in the Massachusetts State Capitol.  That folder on the desk to his left symbolizes his proudest accomplishment as Governor of Massachusetts — the passage of RomneyCare.)

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Rightie Spin on the Death of Osama bin Laden

Rightie spin on the death of Osama bin Laden in 140 characters or less:

Makes total sense huh?

Dumb is cool.


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It’s a good morning because we’re starting the day off with a look at this dazzlingl photo from MSNBC’s PhotoBlog:

Most folks think of outer space as a vast emptiness, but if you look at the right place in the right light, you’ll find beautiful clouds of glory. The Lagoon Nebula in the constellation Sagittarius, also known as M8, is such a place. This region of the nebula, 5,000 light-years from Earth, is known as the “Southern Cliff” because of the sharp dropoff that can be seen in the clouds of glowing gas and dust.

The view captured by the Gemini South telescope in Chile does not reflect what the human eye would see. If you looked at the Lagoon through a good-sized amateur telescope, you’d see a pale ghostly glow with a touch of pink. But this picture was created using filters that are sensitive to emissions from hydrogen (red) and ionized sulfur (green), plus far-infrared light (shown here in blue). That explains the psychedelic color scheme.

Wow.  Just wow.

(Go to the link above for a larger version.)

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